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1. I only review writers who follow me
2.I only write the truth - no sugar-coating or bullshit
3.Requests will only happen once a month
4.Don't be fake

Message from Writer

The Critic here, coming at you with only the truth and nothing but the truth. You want a review, you follow me - if you follow me, you are opening yourself up to only what's true, honest and real. I do not put up with up writers who think they can do nothing wrong or writers who are rude. My reviews are harsh but fair, detailed but beneficial, and blunt but elevating.

Writers beware.

January's Event

January 16, 2019


Hello Writers,
The Critic here with the first ever event of the month: Random Reviews.

This event is from the 17th of January 10th of February. That means 24 writers (one writer per day) will be randomly elected as well as one of their works. The review will be heavily detailed and target both the good and the bad.

I know that I did say that I would start on the 20th of this month but I have decided to start a little early. Hope there isn’t much irritation brought on because of that.

Now, as to why I thought best to put this particular theme in place first is so that all my fellow writers can see just what my Review style is, and to get a taste of my Roger Ebert-like ways. This is also a way for me to study the Write the World Community and grasp what areas I can see to aid in to help you all grow into the future professional Authors that you are. Yes, I may be a harsh critic, yet fear not – I am just as open-minded as I am intimidating, and only do what I deem is best for you, the artist. If after reading my reviews you judge me unfit for a reviewer, you are more than welcome to walk out of this at any time. Nothing will be held against you if so.

Now it’s up to you to remember two things for me:
  1. No matter what, I aim for anything that I am involved in to be a safe place for both the writer and the audience.
  2. I hold my rules to the very highest – and so should you
For more information, my last post goes into further detail as to who I am and what I do.
The Critic's Review System
From one writer to another,
The Critic
Any queries or inputs are welcomed down in the comments.


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1 Comment
  • Dummie

    Can't wait to read your reviews! BE HARSH! I CAN'T STAND WHEN PEOPLE DO "PILLOW REVIEWS"!!!! (Pillow reviews: A review all soft and fluffy with bubble wrap on sharp corners and edges that is trying not to hurt the writer)

    about 1 year ago