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Hey! I’m Iris. Thank you for taking the time to read my works. Hope you enjoy!

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Hello! After looking at this prompt for ages, I finally came up with an idea, so if it's rough around the edges, please feel free to critique my work. Thanks!

10 Ways to Fall

February 14, 2016


0 is untouchable-- pure, uneffected-- until it is.

1 is the first step-- leaning, stretching-- until it breaks.

2 is the second best-- striving for first, giving it their all-- until their all is not enough.

3 is the number of trees I used to have in my garden-- leaning, swaying in the breeze-- until ultimately, the breeze broke the 3rd's trunk.

4 is the floor of the house I sleep in-- the most private, the safest from intruders-- until a fire happens, and I am the first to fall.

5 is the grade when I stood up for a friend-- scared the bullies away, yelled at them-- until I got sent to the principal's for being a bully instead of them.

6 is the month when you are halfway through the year-- summer break starts, warmth comes-- until you realize you only have half a year left.

7 is age when my best friend left me-- her parents said I wasn't worth it, she listened-- until I truly learned, after all those years, she wasn't worth it.

8 is almost infinity-- it looks the same, tries to be the same-- until you realize that in reality it's nowhere close.

9 is a facade-- in the natural number scale it really is 9, the way it should be-- until you learn about whole numbers, and 9 is really 10th on that list.


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