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Vanessa Heyboer

United States

Love writing in school and outside of school! I play Violin, Cello and I also sing a little. I swim and I volunteer at the church all the time and I love it! :) :D

A Dream come True in Reality.

March 9, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt


Once there was a girl, who had a trublesome life, nothing went right, it always went left. She had no hope that anything good would ever happen to her. But then one day her eyes met his. There freindship grew as they worked with eachother, she couldn't have been happier to know him. He is the sweetest person anyone could ever meet, and the fact that he liked her made her feel something she has never felt before. You see her life has been full of rejection and not much love... now she is experianceing the opposite of it all, some one loves her and she isn't being rejected. She was filled with joy all the time, people thought she was crazy she was so happy. Though she's not sure how he feels on the inside but she knows that something is right between them. Their story isn't done yet, but hopefully it will have a happily ever after.



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