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Uh hey
I'm new!

I'm Quinn
Nice to meet you!

I hope I can help contribute more to this site in the near future!

Really Quick Q: do any of you people know what storywars is?

Message to Readers

Well, the reason why I only wrote part of this was to brainstorm ideas later on...
I hope you guys like what I have so far!

Cheers to a Good Day (unfinished for now)

January 16, 2019


The flickering lights on the elaborate dining chandelier start to shudder, and I can just barely see the people who were once calmly eating on the small tables start to stand up and run to my side as I feel the silent darkness overcome my senses.

Not again...
The fact that this was my second seizure this week is scaring me, but I can't help but to laugh as a familiar voice shrieks and pulls the curtains of my small bed in the hospital.
"Are you kidding me?!"
She screams and crosses her arms, waiting for me to accept defeat from her challenge.
"Uh, hey Pen. How's it going?"
Pen's face goes purple as her frown deepens further.
" 'How's it going'?! Are you serious? You forgot your meds! AGAIN!"
She uncrosses her arms and points directly at my forehead. 
"You will never leave your house by yourself. Ever. Again."
She's still wearing her baby blue dress, so I assume it hasn't been much time since I blacked out.
"Sorry about that.." I grin sheepishly.
"Gah! Forget it!"
She stomps out and leaves to sign me out of the hospital.
I take a deep breath, and I swallow down my fear.
It's not like I didn't take my meds. Or forget to take them.
I most certainly did, and I have been for 2 months now.
I draw up to a final realization:
Prescription drugs don't work on me anymore.
I'm stuck like this for the rest of my life.


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