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I feel as though this wasn't very good. It was fun, though.

As If

January 16, 2019

PROMPT: Tiny Love Story

    Aiko's curly hair bobbed as her entire head shook with laughter. David smiled which, in turn, made Aiko smile. David was the first guy in whom she had remained interested for so long. Usually, they reveal some annoying trait that completely put Aiko off but David seemed 100% perfect.
    David glanced at his watch and raised his eyebrows.
    "Oh, I gotta go. I promised my brother I'd help him with his Boy Scouts patches."
    "That's okay. We can do this again another time," Aiko replied.
    David hugged Aiko.
    "You're amazing," he began. Aiko's heart soared, "You're such a great friend."


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