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My True Love

By: Sarah Grimson


Valentine’s Day is yet another one of the world’s reminders that you are probably single or stuck in a doomed relationship. It is a day where if you don’t have a valentine, apparently you should be sad. Well not this time. I have decided that this year I shall spend Valentine’s Day with my one true love, food.

The one thing in my life that is not constantly changing. That will not tell me to stop crying but will stay with me the whole time. If I want comfort, food can help me. I always know chocolate will be there on my darkest days, supporting me through the tough times that life presents me with.

If I want to experience the world, I can go to the local Chinese restaurant or the Indian store just down the road. Knowing the rice or the dim-sims will be glad to come home with me.

I don’t need to worry if I run out of its loving company because I am certain that the freezer isle contains my one true love… ice-cream. In the February heat that Australia offers, ice-cream provides a relief like nothing else. Taking all the stress out of me, as I know it will gladly replace the air-con.

Once upon a time, as a young girl, I dreamt of my prince coming to take me to a magical kingdom on this ‘special’ date. Over the years my prince slowly changed form into perfectly cooked mince, a yummy filler of tacos and dreams. It causes my mouth to salivate and my focus to stray knowing a delicious meal is upon me.

Food brings out the best in me. I get a sudden jolt of joy knowing my food will bring me more pleasure than a person ever could. It makes me indestructible, soon I am proud to say, I will probably have more rolls than a bakery.

So when other people are saying the 3 words, ‘I love you’, I’m saying ‘I got food’.

Message to Readers

Anything on this piece would be appreciated

Peer Review

"I get a sudden jolt of joy knowing my food will bring me more pleasure than a person ever could." I don't entirely agree with this, because I will always choose people over an inanimate object.

I feel kinda conflicted, because even though I don't have a valentine, I don't think my one true love is food.

Is this your take on popular opinion, or is there some hidden message?

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