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Somehow, A Sinking Ship Stays Afloat: A Review Of Aquaman

January 15, 2019

Directed by James Wan, Aquaman is another film in DC's ever-expanding Justice League series. The film was predicted to flop, but it never did - instead, it hit a billion at the box office less a month after its initial release. When it hits international theaters, it is expected to continue in growth... but why? The film lacks depth and relies on old superhero movie tropes that we’ve gotten used to by now (random slow-mo reminiscent of 2008, wisecrack jokes that fall short, and the hero-gets-the-girl mentality).
To add to the disappointment, the two female characters were written incredibly poorly, and their less-than-average acting can be accounted for in the terrible lines and cues they were given. The multitudes of male characters were written in varieties of ways - showing that it wasn’t impossible to give a female character the depth that they gave a random side dude, but that it was just a choice they made. On top of the subpar editing and the female character debate, the extras were oftentimes obviously uneducated on acting, which is why they landed the role of “extra”. Did they turn anyone away, or allow everyone a role? It felt like the roles were participation trophies.
The final battle wasn’t as disappointing, but the costumes were upsetting for the fact that it is indeed 2018. Amber Heard’s terrible wig sticks out like a sore thumb, if a sore thumb was bright red and stringy.
Sure, the story is nice and the graphics are alright, but the film was lacking in so many areas that everything good was shadowed by the horridness of mediocrity. The only thing Aquaman has going for it is the fact that Jason Momoa can be considered attractive - nothing else.
And that's exactly what has bought the film its unwarranted success - Jason Momoa! The biggest demographic going to see this film is a vast group of middle-aged women, most of whom are trekking to the theater to see Sea Jesus in all his gorgeous glory. So, while Aquaman may be a shipwreck of a film considering editing, writing, cinematography, sound, and almost everything else, it stays afloat, riding the waves of attractiveness.


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  • Dox55

    Okay, I feel like this review is incredibly biased. Sure, Aquaman is a little overrated and didn't deserve to surpass a billion in the box office, but really, the only good thing you could say it had was the attractiveness of Mamoa? What about Arthur's character development? What about Black Manta being an awesome villain? What about the hella catchy soundtrack? What gives?

    over 1 year ago
  • Quille

    Well done!! I love how you managed to keep this pretty positive even for a mostly negative review. I've never seen the movie, but am guessing that you're also being very accurate and fair in your descriptions of the movie elements :D
    Also, welcome to WtW!! Good luck in the competition! :DDDD

    over 1 year ago