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his name is finn and i want him to ram me into a wall

on: the boy

January 15, 2019


he is soft, and i am not.
quiet, too. blond hair and green eyes and tucking his hands into his pockets, as if he is trying to take up less space than he can. as if he does not know where he is supposed to exist, in between tangible and intangible realms. i am not sure how human he is - he looks like a half-angel. i am not sure if his feet touch the ground.
he is golden and white. god, i love to scream fuck white boys with your friends - and then i see him and the knot in my throat drops. never thought i'd fall for one, i laugh. secretly i wonder if he knows that he is breaking down so much of what i thought i knew about myself. so much of what i thought i was.
he looks like a fairytale prince, my friends remark. never been the type of guy that i'd enjoyed, but now i am always thinking of touching him. he looks too fragile to be real. porcelain. like the moment i touch him he'll break into a thousand pieces and leave me wondering why i, a sinner, would like him, an angel. i am so used to loving hellfire and curves that i do not know what to do about his halo and sharp lines.
it'll never work out, of course. i am far too used to the shape, the touch, the rhythm of girls to ever have anything more than a hookup or a date with a boy. but sometimes boys like him make me wonder what foreign lips taste like. probably not like the sunlight and peaches of girls. maybe like midnight or ash.
he'll be fun to kiss. but i know he'll never make my chest bloom like girls can - and i think i'm okay with that.
got two crushes right now. bisexual culture.


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  • ElsaRee

    Wow!! Beautiful!

    6 months ago
  • acrosstheskysky

    this is so gorgeously written?? wow i love it

    almost 2 years ago
  • she’s-got-a-story


    almost 2 years ago
  • Anha

    oof, ok this is impossibly beautiful. i didn't think that i could read poetry about boys that would ever be as beautiful as the ones about women but as always, you proved me wrong in the best way possible. babe, you're my sappho and don't you ever forget it <3

    but with a boy a pretty as that, he'd probably taste like apple peel or mint, a breath of fresh air in the crisp moonlight, like you said. ash is reserved for a different kind of boy...

    almost 2 years ago
  • paperbird

    ditto what loverletters said

    almost 2 years ago
  • loveletterstosappho

    wowowowowoww i love this very very much

    almost 2 years ago