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February 20, 2015

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People and things, buzzing all around me. The world was moving too fast for me to keep up. I was the only thing moving at a regular pace. It was like I was watching a 4D movie that someone had pressed fast foward on. I was stuck. I didn't know how to make it out of the crowd. Everything was passing me by too quickly. I tried moving fast with the blinding colours moving around me. I could barely keep up. If I kept going fast along with everyone else I knew I wouldn't have enough time to live out my life properly. But if I slowed down and went at my own pace, I wouldn't have anyone else. I would be alone. I didn't know what choice to make. At that moment I realised something that I would remember for the rest of my days whether or not they went by quickly or at my own pace. That's life...


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