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The Five Clans

February 14, 2016

Saidah Bien-Aime

    There were once five elemental clans that lived together in peace and harmony in the country of Ezra. The Tsuchi Clan(the earth clan), the Mizu Clan( the water clan), the Hi Clan(the fire clan), and the Kaze Clan (the wind clan). All of these clans contained powerful Chi’s as well as elemental powers. Chi is the power that one possess in themselves; when this chi is combined with an elemental power it can produce a very fierce attack.
Each clan had a leader, but the clansmen referred to their leaders as Führer. The most powerful of all the clans was the Kaze Clan. The Führer of the Kaze Clan was a man named Zephyrus. Zephyrus had a daughter, and her name was Sora. Many of the clansmen of the Kaze clan thought that it wasn’t wise to leave the future of the clan in the hands of a girl, but the Führer thought otherwise. He told the clan that they had nothing to worry about and that in time Sora would blossom into the warrior she was intended to be.
As the years went by, Sora continued to grow, her fighting skills had gradually become par to that of her father. She developed her own fighting skill, which she incorporated her chi and her weapon into. Her weapons of choice were two fans. Not many people were blessed to see the Kaze Fuhrer’s daughter since she was always in the palace, but she had one friend in Wind Topia and his name was Tenma. They had met through their father’s. Tenma’s father worked for the Fuhrer; he was an archeologist. Inspired by his father, Tenma became an archeologist when he was sixteen. He often spent many months away from Wind Topia. One day while his way back home, as if by fate, he stumbled into the Kaze Führer’s daughter. She was well known throughout the entire land as the strongest warrior ever bred from the Kaze Clan.
Tenma spoke first, “Well someone’s in a hurry, what’s the matter? You stole something kid?”
“Tenma!! You’re back!” Sora exclaimed, she immediately hugged him. When she finally released him he could not breath.
“Sorry Tenma, I guess I don’t know my own strength,” Sora said sincerely.
“Well, you need to learn your own strength because one of these days you’re going to kill me.” Said Tenma.
“ Why aren’t you in the palace Sora?” Asked Tenma
“Well you see, I snuck out,” said Sora.
“Your father isn’t going to be happy to hear that”, said Tenma. Just then, they heard a loud BANG!
“What was that?” Asked Tenma.
“Oh no, that can’t be good.” Said Sora. It was the Phantom Troupe. They were the most notorious group of bandits in the country of Ezra. Their leader was none other than Captain K.D., along with his knuckle-headed henchmen Izzy Porridge , and Ty De’loni Shadow. Dust shrouded the air like a blanket.
Captain K.D began to speak,”Listen here you maggots! I want to know where the elixir of life is!”
”What’s the elixir of life?” Asked Tenma.
“It’s an elixir than can grant a person immortality, each clan has a sacred treasure and the elixir of life is ours,” said Sora.
“Don’t make us take it from you by force.” Said Izzy Porridge in a taunting voice.
“Yeah what he said!” Agreed Ty De’loni Shadow.
“It looks like we have no choice but to attack them,” said Sora. “
“That’s fine with me, I need some more training anyways,” said Tenma.
Captain K.D. spoke again, “Well if it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight you’ll get! Men Attack!!” And with that, the show down commenced.
“Tenma, I have an idea to take these losers down. Let’s use our Chi,” said Sora proudly. With a simple nod of assurance, Tenma grabbed Sora’s hand and they began to fuse their Chi’s together.
“On the count of three release the chi!” screamed Tenma.
Captain K.D. spoke with rage,”Do you brats really think you can take us down?! Haha don’t make me laugh.”
Tenma spoke,”One...Two....Three!!!” A ray of light shone as bright as ten suns formed between the two. Tenma and Sora aimed the attack at the Phantom Troupe and they blasted off into the air. The Phantom Troupe was not a real threat to Sora or Tenma since they both were powerful. Sora turned around to give Tenma a high five. Tenma examined her hand, it looked so soft and pure, like she had never killed a person before.
“What’s wrong,” asked Sora.
“Nothing,” Tenma replied.
“Well Tenma, why don’t we grab something to eat and you can tell me about all the artifacts you’ve gathered.”
“That sounds like a great idea,” said Tenma, and with that the two walked towards a dinner, laughing along the way, conversing about the great battle they just had.


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