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Thinking of making a Part 2, should I? (It would be in the POV of Mackenzie.

Colorblind Until Soulmates

January 14, 2019


    I was halfway through finishing the school’s new lay out when everything changed. My world went black and white. It was as if my blink transferred me back to life before senior year of high school, before I meet Matthew.
    It was during our final musical for the year, weeks before graduation. I played Sandy in Grease, and as I was performing the final scene, where everyone came together to sing ‘You’re the One That I want.’ Just as I did the final turn, I slipped on my shoelace, and fell off stage.
    Matthew was in the front row with his parents. He came to watch his younger sister Lucy, who played Frenchy. He saw the fall sooner than I did, and raced in front of the stage, catching me before I hit the ground. Our worlds changed that very moment.
    I saw every color that ever was in the auditorium. Since most kids only saw black and white, teachers never bothered teaching us color. Yet, the world seemed so vivid, I knew immediately what the word beauty meant.
“Woah,” Matthew breathed, setting me down.
“I know,” I say, turning round in circles. I still couldn't grasp the world around me.
    Then, I felt his fingers against my cheek, as he slowly turned my face to his.
“I meant you,” he said quietly, then leaned in and kissed me.
    The memory was one of my favorites and I relived it all the time. I knew from that moment on we were meant to be together. That he was my soulmate. Never in my life have I felt so sure of something.
    That’s why when the world went black and white again I knew something was wrong. Soulmates didn’t just change. That’s not how life worked. Something was wrong. Quickly, I shoved all the blueprints and pencils into my bag, and raced out the door. I heard my boss yell as I reached the door.
“Everything's black and white,” I yell, before leaving.
    As I buckled myself into the car, I tried calling Matthew. He didn’t pick up. After leaving him ten voicemails, I pushed my foot harder against the pedal.
    Once I reached the house, I ran out of the car and into the house. I didn’t turn off the car, or even think about closing the door. Screamed out Matthew’s name, and threw open all the doors. When I reached kitchen I knew something bad happened. The oven was still on, and inside had burnt lasagna. There was a broken, glass bowl on the floor and one of our knives. That wasn’t the worst part. Everything was covered in blood.
    My breathing hitched.
“Matthew!” I screamed, trying to hold back tears. Then, as if fate had finally heard my screams, the walk in pantry door creaked open.
    I fainted when I looked inside.
    I knew it was a dream, yet everything seemed so clear. And in color. I almost started believing it was real until I looked up and saw Matthew. He looked as he did before I left the house and not the dreadful sight in the pantry.
    He was walking toward me, arms out, smiling. Running into his arms, I absorbed his warmth, as I cried into his shoulder. If only what I actually saw was a dream.
“What happen?” Ask through sobs, hugging him tighter.
“Something horrible, with a horrible person. Mia, i’m so glad you and Mckenzie weren’t there,” Matthew says, petting my hair.
“If I was here, I could’ve helped.”
“No. Nothing could’ve helped.” Matthew’s voice grew deeper, and I could feel him tense up.
    Instead of saying anything else, Matthew placed his hand on top of mine. We stood there quietly, as if we both knew this was the last time in a long time we’d see each other. He didn’t have to say anything, but I knew he was thinking about our life together. From our first date to the day he purposed. The moment we promised ourselves to each other, and the moment we found out I was pregnant with Mackenzie.
    Mackenzie. I let out another sob as I thought about how i’d break the news to her. Ever since birth Mackenzie has lived a happy, sweet life. She never truly experience a life of black and white since our neighbor’s son ended up being her soulmate. They found out at age four on their first play date.
    Every day for five years she’d come home to two loving parents, and we’d help her with homework or play games. At dinner we’d all sit together and pray. Every night was movie night and we read a least two books before bed.
    Now, she was fifteen, and wanted to go out with her friends. Or her soulmate Charlie. Yet, at the end of the day, she’d still lay on Matthew’s and my laps, and talk. At the end of the day, she was still our baby girl.
“Mackenzie will be fine,” Matthew said, as if he could hear my thoughts. “She has you.”
“But I don’t have you,” I say softly. “How will I go on? And with a fifteen year old girl who needs her Dad? The very Dad that was supposed to walk her down the aisle.”
“Remember when we had our first big fight and you questioned us being soulmates?” Matthew asked, lifting my face up to his.
I nodded.
“Do you remember what I said?”
“‘Trust fate, have courage, fight fairly, and live your life.’” A sad smile broke across my face.
“Even in a world of black and white you’ll find color, love. Take care of Mackenzie. Don’t let her forget me,” he winked, kissing me one last time on the head. Then slowly he started backing away.
“I love you Matthew,” I call, watching him fade.
“And I you, Mia.”
I woke to a world where the absence of color resemble the absence of life, and nothing seemed more than black and white.
Soulmate AU explained: Color doesn't exists for you until you meet your soulmate. Everything is black & white until you and your soulmate touch for the first time. And when your soulmate dies, everything is black & white again.


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  • AbigailSauble

    This is so sad ... and also, a little confusing. I'm assuming that Matthew died, but ... I wish you had included more details.
    Still well-written!

    6 months ago
  • Puppet_Master

    This was soooo emotional. I can't even this was soo good.

    6 months ago
  • Quille

    Sad, but beautifully written and I would love another part :DD

    6 months ago