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Escape Room: A Deadly Mix of Puzzles and Your Deepest Fears

January 16, 2019

            When looking for a good horror movie to delve into I often steer toward concepts of the paranormal, or what our world would look like in an apocalyptic fashion. Escape Room, though, took a spin on horror and placed it in a setting that we would least expect. Escape Room, as the title most obviously gives away is a horror film placed inside the twists and turns of, well, an escape room. Escape rooms have been growing in popularity in recent years, which is why the director decided to take a horrifying spin on it. 
            “Escape Room” is a horror film directed by Adam Robitel and produced by Neal H. Moritz. It’s cast includes Deborah Ann Woll, who plays an army veteran devastated by battle, Taylor Russell playing a college student seeking fear and excitement, Logan Miller, casting the role of a grocery store worker bored of doing the same things, Jay Ellis, playing a quick-witted business man with an intelligent mind, Nik Dodani, filling the role of a video game obsessed escape room fanatic and Tyler Labine, playing the role of a father figure in love with the country life. These actors contribute wonderfully as the movie’s 6 escape room guests. 
            In the movie, these 6 people are given an invitation to an elite escape room for a chance to let go, change, and be set free. Each of them are promised that joining this escape room party will change their lives forever. Upon arriving to the escape room the characters realize they weren’t quite aware of what they signed up for. They go through the escape room and throughout the course of their visit they realize they’re a part of a master puppet show where the wishes of the creator are for them to be dead. 
            The players all come from different places, jobs, and environments and each have their own gut wrenching past that the game makers are very much aware of. The game maker uses these pasts to manipulate them and to make it harder for them to escape each room. Each escape room, though I won’t mention their pasts, are filled with intricate details of the character’s lives, making each room feel all the more real. Watching them struggle from room to room is entertaining though horrifying. The movie doesn’t give you hints as to when the movie might end.  Watching the movie, you feel as though it might end and then they switch it around on you and you are left questioning what just happen or how the next plot twist will tie in. You experience a lightbulb moment dozens of times throughout this movie as it confuses you then connects the dots once again.
            Though the movie does a wondrous job of building a plot, I believe they never truly tie the knot for you at the end. The movie ends and you’re left to question what you just watched out of sheer confusion. It feels as though you’re hanging from a cliff and you’re waiting for the last twenty minutes of the movie to play in front of your eyes, though it doesn’t. That is my only critic, as the movie is wonderful but isn’t tied off with a pretty bow at the end. Though, looking at the large scale of the movie I’d say the ending didn’t leave me frustrated because the rest of the movie was satisfying enough. I would definitely recommend ‘Escape Room’ to those who love a good thriller, and those who have a friend to hold onto while you wince at certain scenes. ‘Escape Room’ was an interesting watch and is definitely worth a movie-goers time. 


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