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Escape Room: A Deadly Mix of Puzzles and Your Deepest Fears

January 14, 2019

            When looking for a good horror movie to delve into I often steer toward concepts of the paranormal, or what our world would look like in an apocalyptic fashion. Escape Room, though, took a spin on horror and placed it in a setting of least expectance. 
            “Escape Room” is a horror film directed by Adam Robitel and produced by Neal H. Moritz. It’s cast includes Deborah Ann Woll, Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, Jay Ellis, Nik Dodani, and Tyler Labine as their 6 escape room guests. 
            In the movie, 6 people are given invitation to an elite escape room for a chance to let go, change, and be set free. They go through the escape room and throughout the course of their visit they realize they’re a part of a master puppet show where the wishes of the creator are for them to be dead. The movie includes countless numbers of plot twists with a dash of horror and scare so that it leaves you itching in your seat. 
            The players all come from different places, jobs, and environments and each have their own gut wrenching past that the game makers are very much aware of. The game maker uses these pasts to manipulate them and to make it harder for them to escape each room. The ties and the ‘ah!’ moment are prevalent in this movie and it leaves your eyes wide. 
            The movie ends and you’re left to question what you just watched out of sheer confusion. Though the movie has a well-developed plot and interesting turns, the end of the movie feels as though they left you dangling from a cliff. There are many lose knots at the end, leaving you wondering if there’s more to watch or if that’s really it. Though it truly is a fun movie to watch, coming to a well sought conclusion is not a part of your viewing future. In the end, though, I would recommend it as a fun thriller to watch with a friend. If leaves you shaking in your seat and biting your nails and the revelations are incredible. 


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