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Captain America: The Winter Soldier brings a chill to the Marvel franchise.

January 14, 2019

Captain America: The Winter Soldier brings a chill to the Marvel franchise.

Captain America : The Winter Solider takes place after the events of the 9th highest grossing movie The Avengers. 
It centres around Steve Rogers aka Captain America (Chris Evans) as he struggles to adjust to modern life and the changing principles and values that juxtaposes his black and white viewpoint. While such a character would appear on paper as tiresome, Rogers is endearing and we can easily root for him. The pragmatic viewpoint is provided by the director of SHIELD, Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) and spy turned Avenger, the Black Widow, Natasha Romanov (Scarlet Johansson). After an assaination attempt calls into question everything Cap believes about the organisation he works for, he and Natasha start to investigate, all the while facing down a new opponent. The eponymous Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan).  Along the way the duo are assisted by war veteran and councillor Sam Wilson aka The Falcon (Anthony Mackie). Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford) a councilman and friend to Nick Fury is an enigmatic supporting character that represents a higher authority in SHIELD but as Cap finds out, cannot be trusted. 

Amist the character driven story    and the conspiracy thriller like plot, directors, Anthony and Joe Russo have made this one of the most battle heavy movies in the franchise so far. From the opening scene where Captain America and Black Widow sneak onto a cargo ship and take down a couple of mooks to every scene the Winter Soldier is in with the strength and speed that rivals that of captain America along with his terrifying metal arm. The stunt men surely had their work cut out for them. Fights were intense earning the film it's pg-13 rating but the fights in the latter part of the film provide an emotional depth that is truly profound.
When it comes to visuals it's hard to believe that for the rest of the film, the action isn't filmed in Washington DC but rather in the ever versatile Cleaveland Ohio. Cinematography was sharp and clean cut especially with the use of shadow around the Winter Soldier emphasising his almost ghost like appearance in the film. 
Another triumph to the film it gives Black Widow a more prominent role and discernible personality than in the previous films. She accomplishes more than just providing all the estrogen to the male ensemble.
Captain America himself also receives a good dose of development. His steadfast almost old-fashioned beliefs are put to the test and it's thrilling to see how he comes out of it. Will still be the same man who came out of the ice?

All in all, the film's writers have ensured that everyone who sees  The Winter Soldier will not leave empty-handed. Wether it's the snappy dialogue or the death defying fight scenes, there's something for everyone that's at the age of 13 or over.


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