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MJ Colucci

United States

Howdy!!! I'm Mia, im an artist, a thespian, and a writer, and i find my best work to be done when listening to music. I like writing stories, mostly fictional, i just find it easier to write that way.

i hope to talk to you soon!!!


Message from Writer

yeet enjoy!!!


January 13, 2019

PROMPT: 2019

1 cup of surprise, or more if you like it,
3 tablespoons of good friends,
5 teaspoons of self care,
1 cup of money,
as much of staying on track as you need, I personally need 3 cups,
a dash of family,
a few great holidays,
a hint of dedication,
determination is recommended, but optional,
1/3 cup of inspiration,
3/4 cup of beauty,
2 cups of confidence,
5 cups of love,
pour into mold and bake at 365 degrees,
take out when finished and let cool for 10 mins,
when finished cooling, ice using love.


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  • Quille

    Yummy! I think I'd need at least a half cup of determination though ;)
    I hope this year is absolutely fantastic for you and your family! :DDDD

    6 months ago