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How to write all of me in less than 10 seconds?

Hmm, let me think... how about DREAMER?

Yup. That works.

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"Life can drag us apart... but it can also push us together."
- Anonymous

@WOTW#8 - Till End do us Part

January 13, 2019


"Listen to me! Time is running out."

No, I can't breathe, three minutes, please, hold on for three minutes... 

"Remember the rules! Do you remember what they are?"

It's too cold, I can't do it, three hours, just three hours more... 

"The book we read together? Listen to me, this is important!"

Water, I need it. So dry, it's so dry... C'MON! Days, three days, I can... maybe, I can...

"Yes, but if you don't listen, we won't survive. You won't survive! So pay attention!"

It's nowhere, there's no more food. Energy, it's left me. Aghhhh, three weeks, please... three weeks... 

"Everyone else is gone, do you hear me? They're all gone. We need to make it."

Where are you, where... where are you? Alone, all alone. Help me, how long, please, three years?... 

"Death swept through that place faster than any of us could recall, but we will NOT die! We will, we, will NOT die."

Age is coming... I'm growing older... who knows how long I can hold out...  

"You can. You can! Why? Because we know what we need to know to survive."

I don't know anything, I'm clueless. Lost. I'm a nobody in a world of taunted souls... 

"We know. You know. We are together, and we will come out of this together, but please just--"

It's no use... it's no use... 



"Are you listening to me???"

... yes.

"Three minutes without air. Three hours in the cold. Three days without water. Three weeks without food. Three years in loneliness and age will conquer too. "

I... I knew it...

"NO. Because we still have each other. Three years of us together will become a lifetime. I would never leave you. Ever. For anything."


"Do you understand?"

I... I think so.

"Are you certain, because I need you to be darn well certain!"

Yes. I understand.

"Good. Now, are you with me on this?


"The end of the world. Together. Just us, not even Death do us part."

You're my world, you know that right?

"... Of course. But... it's the end, YOU know that right?" 

Makes all the more worthwhile to spend it with you.





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  • Opal Drop

    Hey AJ, I wanted to ask a favor. I know this seems rude but here we g.o (I am asking because I feel sorta more comfortable with you than others on this website, but I'm fine if you don't) Could you please review my piece Worn Red Skates on Dead Grass. In return I will review one of your pieces. Thank you so much, I know this seems like a lot!

    over 1 year ago
  • Quille

    Superb! :DD

    over 1 year ago