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Stranger, Best Friends then Strangers Again

February 14, 2016

Stephen felt across his pillow to try and find his phone, hoping that something exciting has happened on Facebook. As he unlocks his phone, the Friend Request icon lights up blue and a red circle. Clicking on it, a picture of a girl he went to a summer camp with pops up beside a name. She has dark, chocolate eyes and galaxy hair, huddled in a group of five other girls. She seemed nice, but he didn't really talk to the girl that much. 'What was her name again?' Stephen thinks to himself, not even bothering to look at the name laid out in front of him beside the picture. 
"Oh, I'm stupid!" Stephen murmurs out loud, looking at the name and pushing accept. 'Ruth Briggs' that was it. "Oh crap." He throws his duvet off him and rushes to get ready, Josh will be here any minute now. Josh is Stephen Best Friend, and since Stephen can't drive as of yet, he counts on Josh to give him a lift into school. The door bell rings just as Stephen quickly shoves a pair of jeans on and shoves his feet into canvas shoes. 
He rushes down the stairs, missing a couple each step he takes. He almost face plants the floor as he steps on the very edge of the last step and loses his balance, but thanks to the banister her keeps his balance and opens the door to let Josh in, shoving a toothbrush in his mouth and brushing his teeth. 
'I'll just get something from the canteen' He thanks as he spits in the sink and rubs excess tooth paste off his mouth with a towel. "Let's go Joshy boy!" 
"I swear to God Stephen, if you call me that one more time..." Josh starts before he is rudely interrupted by Stephen. 
"You'll hit me into next week. Yeah, yeah. You say that every day." Josh rolls his eyes at Stephen as both boys leave the small one person flat. 
They both get into the matte black BMW M6 and drive to school in silence with the music from Josh's phone playing. This is why they are the best pairing for best friends, they can literally sit anywhere without talking and not get bored just because of the simple fact that the other is actually there. That is what you call friendship. Josh pulls into his usual parking space and tells Stephen to get out. Stephen reaches behind him and grabs his backpack before climbing out the car and slinging one strap over his shoulder. 
As Stephen walks to his locker with both hands stuffed into his pockets he crashes right into someone, sending everything the person was holding scattering everywhere. Stephen looks up to apologize but stops short when he notices the galaxy hair that has on side buzzed off. Ruth gathers all the black support pads that people wear when they go out skating. Well, the three that she was holding at the time. Stephen reaches over and picks up the black penny board with white wheels and black helmet before offering Ruth a helping hand up. 
"You ride?" He asks her as she fumbles with the earphone stuffed into her ears. 
"Yeah, why else would I have the board?" Ruth replies, accepting the board and helmet off Stephen as she pulls off the one remaining elbow pad and wrist protectors. 
After staying up all night, which really isn't a smart idea on a school night, Stephen talked all night to Ruth and learned a lot about her. Like the fact she wears a pizza necklace near enough all the time(he asked her about it as he noticed it earlier but never questioned it)because she bought a friendship necklace for her and her friends in third year. They all wear it. 
They both became best friends in the space of one night. Now that is how you friendship right, according to Mr Stephen Gaston here who was online all night instead of getting some very needed sleep. 
(A year later) 
The worst feeling ever, is seeing someone go from a friend to a stranger. It was both Stephen and Ruth's fault that they got into a really bad argument and started drifting apart, like they never even knew each other. Stephen can't even remember what started the argument, but it must have been something really bad if Ruth went from one of his best friend's to a complete stranger. Stephen lay in his bed, his arm resting behind his head as he thoroughly thought about the argument that unfolded over the 365 days of friendship. He wanted desperately to do something, but if he didn't even know the cause of the argument, how could he do something. 
'Was it about comparing skateboarding and penny boarding?' he thought, staring up at his white ceiling. No, that wasn't it. Stephen groans is frustration as he sits up straight and runs his hands through his short dirty blonde hair, and rubs his grey eyes, wishing this whole thing never started. If none of it ever happened, he would still have his key into the crazy mind of what most people call women. Sure he could go to his other female friends, but it's just something about the galaxy haired girl's personality that makes it so much more comfortable to talk to about the mind of a female. Like what everything really means and signs that a girl might like him, or spot one that does, something that Josh absolutely sucks at. Stephen let's out a sound of frustration as he stands up and goes to sit at his drum kit. Maybe just hitting the drums will take his mind off the girl who went from a stranger to a best friend and back to a stranger in the space of 365 days. The galaxy haired girl who penny boarded and wore a pizza necklace. The innocent looking girl with the dirty mind. Stranger, friend, stranger. 
Character names are real but most facts and details are off. 
Meeting place wasn't actually a summer camp, but a sailing course. 
Ruth and Stephen don't go to the same school. 

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