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"Writing is a passion I have never understood, yet a storyteller is all I've ever wanted to be."
-Ruth Parks

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Until The Sunrise

February 16, 2016

    I was an empty slate sky, stuck in a colorless sunset. The sun never rose to drown my sorrows in its brilliance, and the moon never showed its dimly lit face to illuminate my thoughts. Even the stars diminished in my presence. The only color in my life was the blood red that adorned my arms. 
    She was a breathtaking sunrise, ignited in tangerine and scarlet. Radiance wafted from her like perfume, enveloping every room, and the moon smiled when she passed, brightening even ebony night. New constellations formed in the sky when she looked at it.  
    We passed each other in the hall every day, yet the galaxies in her eyes never collided with the black holes in mine. The light that filled her heart never spread to replace the darkness that resided in mine. Until the day I planned to say goodbye to the everlasting darkness of my life. Until the day she taught me what sunburn felt like. 
    Nothing in particular happened that day that made the overwhelming darkness any blacker. The only thing that had gotten any darker where the bags under my eyes from a week without sleep. I didn't understand how it was possible to be alive and awake for a week straight while feeling dead the entire time. My face had only grown paler, even my scars were duller, as if I was fading from existence. Maybe she noticed that, or maybe the black holes in my eyes had become strong enough to pull the stardust on her eyelids towards me. 
    She approached me, her smile emanating light. The corners of my mouth lifted slightly from her presence. She mentioned my tired appearance and told me she had an idea and to meet her at her locker when school ends.
    For the rest of the mind-numbing day, I contemplated whether I would go. There was nothing a stranger could have given me to take the darkness away, not even her, but there was something about the way her presence made me weakly smile that convinced me to go.
    She wouldn't tell me her idea. She just grabbed my hand and dragged me into the sunlight. We took the scenic route to her house. She pulled me through spacious meadows, blooming with rainbows, and full-growth forests, teeming with birds. She showed me a side of the world I'd never seen before.
    When we arrived to her house, she grabbed a picnic basket, and as quickly as we had stopped, we were moving again. She led me to a hill overlooking the city. As night grew close, she told me close my eyes. I did. After a few minutes, she told me to open them again. I opened them to the first sunset I'd seen in years. My heart skipped a beat, and I stopped breathing. Marigold lied at the top of sky and slowly faded into peach as you neared the ground. Lilac rested on the horizon. The lights of the building twinkled like stars in the night sky. I looked at her, and she was as awed as I was, but she wasn't looking at the sunset. She was looking at me. She held up a mirror, and I saw my reflection, but it was different. The black holes in my eyes had disappeared, and stardust took their place. Roses rested in my cheeks, and for the first time, I looked happy. For the first time, darkness didn't envelope my soul, and I felt out of place in my ink black sweatshirt. 
    The sunset transformed into dark night, and I frowned, but she pointed up to the sky, and for the first time, I saw the moon and the stars, glimmering against the darkness. She smiled at me, and whispered a joke in my ear.
    We spent the night lying under the stars. She told me jokes and her life story, and I told her riddles and my life story. And we laughed until the sun finally rose, drowning my sorrows in its brilliant light. 


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