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Sorry about the weird format, It glitched. Wut is a Rubednok? You ask? Ha. Find out later.

ℂhicken Wars ~ Chapter Nine

January 12, 2019


    “The War!”
    “What war?” I feel heat rising to my face as all of the chickens whipped their heads in my direction.
    “She doesn’t know?”
    “How? Everyone knows!
    A ripple of surprised comments washes over the group. Benny’s lower beak dropped. “How? Wha? HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW? WASN’T THAT WHY YOU CAME?”
    “No.” I squeak. “No. I came out of curiosity!” I finish my sentence and all the beaks dropped.
    “Call up Sand!” Benny cries, and I watch as an elderly Buff Orpington walks up.
    “Hello. I am Sand.” He introduces himself.
    “Um. Hi. I’m Strawberry.” I whisper.
    He looks strangely at me. “You speak in the tongue of the people. Not chicken.”
    I say, “Wait, what do you mean?” But catch myself. My words are odd, are human. “Oh. How?”
    Sand speaks in this strange tongue. “You are a Rubednok.”
    “What?” I ask.
    “The Savior! The one who will win!” Sand shouts. “The Rubednok is here!” all the chickens cheer, and I notice Benny looking smug. He found the Rubednok after all, though in truth, I found him.
    “What is a Rubednok?” I ask the crowd, who, in turn, share a giant gasp. I hear silence and a shrill whistle. I see a huge bird, a hawk, circle, and the place goes into pandemonium. It swoops down, and grip Benny tightly. Instinctively, I should run, but instead, I charge. I leap up and claw angrily at the hawk. “Benny! It’s okay!” The hawk screeches and I beat my wings, pushing its wings down and it finally collapses. I grab Benny. He’s gasping and sobbing and I wrap my wings around him, waiting for him to calm down. The group of chickens, “Personnel,” Benny called them, watches silently. Benny coughs, once, twice, and sits up.
    “You are a Rubednok.” he whispers, and then drifts into sleep, leaving me scared and confused. Personnel cheers, and I hide. I can’t deal with this that fast.
She is confusion


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  • Johanna

    Benny is so cute ahaha

    over 1 year ago
  • Quille

    Ooh! I guess that's how she can write? This is turning out to be really cool :DDD

    over 1 year ago