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Hoi! I'm b-yootifuldreamer, call me BD for short! 10-20 // female // hopes to get published someday! Sorry I have no Idea how to respond to comments but know that I see them and read them and appreciate them!

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Mr. Pex isn't very smart. She also doesn't care about hurting feelings. Yay! A longer chapter!

ℂhicken Wars ~ Chapter Seven

January 12, 2019


Mr. Pex was the waking us up loudly, “THE CHOOSING!” She was racing in circles and finally ran out the door. I stood up, Violet was gone, leaving behind a trace of pale feathers.
I saw Violet, racing into the woods, and Vera Bradley followed suit.
I felt uncomfortable as I followed them.
It was cold and damp and I saw a thick white fog swirl around me, fading the rest of the forest into tall gray shadows.
I raced to catch up with the bigger hens, who turned to see me. “Hello, Strawberry.” Mr. Pex clucked calmly. “Welcome to the Choosing.”
Watching her, I see thousands of emotions swim in her eyes. Sadness, excitement. But what scares me the most is what I sense. She had power. Raw power. “What is the Choosing?” I ask her.
She looked surprised, but answered softly. “It is when you come of age. When you discover your power.”
I blink.
Three times.
“But why is it called the Choosing if you discover your power, not choose it.”
Now it’s her turn to blink. “Huh. Never thought about it that way.”
She pauses, and you could practically see the gears turning, her struggling to be smart. “Uh, yeah. I guess so. But anyway, I have a power. Power of Shine. When I make light.” dipping her head towards Vera Bradley, she spoke. “Vera, this time last year, discovered she had the ability to swim. She could breathe underwater.” Turning to Violet. “And you gained the useless power of Lulle, when telling stories other fall asleep. But that’s useless.” I thought, at that moment, that THAT was why she didn’t want to tell stories. And why she had to peck me to wake me up.
I watched quietly but was fuming inside. No power was useless! And Violet definitely had the best. But I continued listening as she explained a series of tests done to see what powers I had. I listened only a little but understood that she wanted me to find a toad.
Toad? Superpowers? How crazy do you want this to become?


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  • Quille

    Wow! I did not see that coming :DD
    I can't wait to see where this story goes! Really looking forward to more. :DD
    Also, you can reply to comments by commenting on your own piece if you want. It'll show up in your notifications though, which can get kind of annoying :D

    9 months ago