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Hoi! I'm b-yootifuldreamer, call me BD for short! 10-20 // female // hopes to get published someday! Sorry I have no Idea how to respond to comments but know that I see them and read them and appreciate them!

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Strawberry wants a bedtime story and gets a conspiracy and a adoptive Mom :)

ℂhicken Wars ~ Chapter Six

January 12, 2019


Okay, I’m going to pause the story for a little and point something out.
Violet had a perfectly good reason to act this way!
I’ll skip ahead a little, most of my chick days were spent in the box and the only interesting thing that happened was that my name became Strawberry, so I’ll skip to when I was a little older.
“Vi?” I questioned softly. She was sitting on the highest perch, and she whipped her head in my direction. “Can I come up?”
She grumbled a bit but muttered a quiet yes.
    “I suppose you’ll want a bedtime story. Well, I don’t have any.” She fussed. She sounded a little sad.
I watched her for a bit. “You’ve had a life. That’s a story.”
She looked at me. “Yeah. You got a brain. But I’m not tellin’ you my life. It’s private.”
I decided I wanted a story and she wasn’t going to weasel out.
“It’s not private. It’s been shared with your sisters.”
    She growled. “Fine. I’ll tell you a little. Those girls ain’t my sisters. We may look alike, but we aren’t related at all. We’re just raised together.” She let out a dry laugh. “I like to consider them friends, but they hardly treat me in a way that returns the favor. The truth is that I’m sick. Cancerous. It’s not something you catch. You’re born with it.” I stared at her, my eyes half closed.
She nipped my comb, hard.
    “What was that for?” I cried out, hurt and angry.
“Don’t sleep through my life story if you asked for it.” She screeched but lowered her voice as Mr. Pex began to fluff her feathers and wake up.
“I’m at the bottom of the pecking order. I get the last of the food, water, even where I lay my eggs. Mr. Pex is on top. I know she seems nice, but it’s just her being a hen. As soon as your about fully grown, she’ll become a tyrant unless you overthrow her. Chicks aren’t involved with the pecking order, so you little guys are safe for now.” She paused, pulling in a deep breath and she stood up. “Come here. I know you never knew a mother. Most of you won’t. But from now on, I will be your mother.” She crouched over me, and for once I felt warm and comfortable.
I fell asleep that way.
I woke up to screeching.
Violet wasn't what you though, hmm? Mr. Pex is just acting so the younger chickens won't challenge her. Also, Violet has a dark backstory with City Slicker and Dawn Rise. You find out more soon ;)


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  • Quille

    Ooh! The Pecking Order... sounds cryptic :DD

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