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Not as stupid as we thought >:) though it seems like one of them is still a bit messed up :P

ℂhicken Wars ~ Chapter Four

January 12, 2019


The future was a cardboard box.
The box was big.
It smelled clean, and I immediately tested it by hitting it with my beak.
It sounded safe and sturdy.
And too tall for any of us to escape.
So I was nervous.
I had never been in a box before.
None of us had.  
We had never been really anywhere before. I shuffled my feet and called a snuggle pile. We sat with each other and felt the bare heat that came off every one of us. We sat for two hours straight, until we knew we were safe from the prying eyes of the humans. We began to chat in our new way of speech. “Hello 52, 13, 14, 27. What do you think of this place?”
52 sighed. “Shiver. What Shiver?”
I nuzzled her in sympathy.
She normally tries to see her mother, Shiver.
They were parted after two weeks, so she knows of her mother.
She still misses her and says her name when she is afraid. I don’t know why. It is still is her nervous tic.
I search the box. I look for holes, weak spots, of wet spots.
Any would give us a chance to escape.
I told 52 to go take a nap.
I told her we would be fine.
I was wrong.
Let me explain this: Strawberry will die. I won't say when, but I will explain how she's writing if she's ded. She's not, not yet! She's catching you up to where she is now, and then continues by twlling it in present-tense.


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  • Quille

    Interesting.... I'm wondering if you have chickens because you're really good at characterizing and describing them :D
    I kinda don't want Strawberry to die, but if that's the way the story goes, I'll still love to read it :DD

    10 months ago