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Wait there's a chicken guide to defensive maneuvers? I want that! How did Strawberry read the book anyway? Isn't she a chicken?

ℂhicken Wars ~ Chapter Three

January 12, 2019


From the looks of it, it was a rooster human. But clinging to his side was a chick human, like us. And by the look of that human, it was a hen.
So I cheep and run in circles, (defensive maneuver #74) and then I hear something.
The top was being unlocked on our cage!
I ran even faster, (defensive maneuver #75) and then the rooster reached in.
He was trying to grab my friend 41, who was also a Rhode Island red. Then she rammed into 27, who was a barred rock. 27 woke up and started freaking out, running around like crazy. Soon the whole pen was freaking out and acting crazy, and the rooster reached down and his fingers closed around me!
My tiny heart was pumping, and I felt the human hands stop squeezing when I cheep sadly and wriggle to get more comfortable.
His hands are slightly leathery, but more soft and gentle, and he smells like white pine and faintly of chicken.
He places me in a little cardboard box, and for a little, I scratch around and move the sawdust into a soft nest to sleep in. My sleep was disturbed by anxious peeping, and I turn to see the almost entirely black body of 27, whose tiny head was capped with white. More sad peeps as other chicks slide into the box. The chicks that slid in were 52, a female ameraucana, 13, a male golden laced polish, and 14, a male silver laced polish. We had snuggled together and waited for our future.


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  • Johanna

    Wow you've got a lot of chicken knowledge. Excited for more!

    10 months ago
  • Quille

    Love the defensive maneuvers! And I guess Strawberry can read the same way she can write :D
    Loving this story! Also, I love barred rocks; they're soo cute!

    10 months ago