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Hoi! I'm b-yootifuldreamer, call me BD for short! 10-20 // female // hopes to get published someday! Sorry I have no Idea how to respond to comments but know that I see them and read them and appreciate them!

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Strawberry has a horrible memory. It's amazing she's writing this memoir!

ℂhicken Wars ~ Chapter Two

January 12, 2019


Every story has a beginning. Mine i don’t remember well. But I'll tell you what I remember. I remember being in a plastic crate. There. My first memory. I, like most chicks, were whisked away from our mothers as soon as our fluff dries when we hatch. So all I remember is the crate.
I think you might wonder why people do that, I mean, don’t we need our mothers to raise us? Not for me. My adoptive mother was one of those pink-faced squelchy-nose feather-only-on-head humans. And it was a male.
We were sent to a small store on a boat in a big box. Many died. We were mixed, and no one had bothered to separate us by gender. So every night all the chicks would cuddle up in a big fluffy heap and sleep under the thin, gray, ray of light that peered through a crack in the box. And then, after those sad days on the boat, we came to the store.
The store was small, and smelled like old things. We were set down in a large pen and lived there for a little. Every once in a while the people would come and some giant clear-clawed, “hands,” came in and picked up a couple of our writhing, noisy, mass. I watched some leave. We always wanted to say farewell, but it was impossible. We were never named. I was called 39, after the human counted us up one day, and every chick called themselves the number they were called. There were 57 of us. But my true friend was 13. He was funny and friendly and always snuggled with me when I got all shivery. But then a human came.
Yay more on Strawberry! Enjoy!


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  • Johanna

    I accidentally ready "I remember being a plastic crate" and I was like, wait, aren't you chicken? xD

    9 months ago
  • Quille

    Oh boy! I can't wait for more of this tale; it's a good, funny read and you're doing a fantastic job on it :DD

    9 months ago