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Hoi! I'm b-yootifuldreamer, call me BD for short! 10-20 // female // hopes to get published someday! Sorry I have no Idea how to respond to comments but know that I see them and read them and appreciate them!

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hope this is good! It's a dystopian short-story that may be continued, I wrote this thing is ten minutes so sorry if it's lazy!

#cliffhangarqueencontest ~ The Dog

January 12, 2019


What happened next no one could have predicted…
With a bone-chilling screech, the dog hurled itself at me. I reared, took a step back, only to discover a wall, and I let out a cry of pure anguish. The dog barked again and again and neared closer and closer. I brought my fists up instinctively and landed a messy uppercut that left the dog reeling.
While it began to regain consciousness, I stared hard at its pelt. The fur was a matted brown, and underneath I could see the glint of silvery metal. I know that the government has started to release robotic animals to make sure we are in by our 5 o’clock curfew, but I had stayed out and begged, and got attacked by this- this monster.
The dog stood up almost immediately, a prerecorded bark echoing from the stereo on its front. I watched as is leaped, trying to close in on my throat, by my leg snapped out and hit its belly. The dog groaned and I did not wait or show mercy, simply I rained punches and kicks over and over and over again, not letting it get up or hurt me any more than my stinging feet and my aching wrists. I watched as its eyes slid shut, and I lifted it up and carried it home.
My sister greeted me and helped me reprogram the dog so that it would be ours.
I noticed a tracker on it and quickly smashed it, but it was too late. I heard the squeal of rubber tires on pavement and I told my sister to hide with the dog. I stood tall as the government walked in, and closed my eyes. They can do what they want, but they’ll never break me.


She said her final words and left. “There’s no turning back now.”
I shudder, afraid of my future, but pick myself up. The government can’t just control me. I watched as the official walks up a staircase and into a room. She hits a few buttons and I look up to a great grinding sound of rusty metal on rusty metal. Two silver ropes drop from the ceiling, hanging on a stick that a puppet would have.
I shudder as two young men come out, and I notice that bound around their arms are shimmering silver strings. I look up. They are marionettes, toys of the government, and I now know my fate. I watch as the men hold the silver ropes, tie them around my wrists.
Then they leave.
A prickly zing! echoes and I watch as sparks fly down the ropes, paralyzing me.
A single string is shot down and sticks to my shoulder. Another, another, little pains and prickles that fill my body with shock, controlling me.
The strings come one after another, until I can’t see the real world through the strings, and I look up.
Another string, this one gold, is slowly coming down. I can feel a menace, and darkness, and looking back at the two men, I notice a gold pinprick on their foreheads. I crouch, try to escape, but it touches down, and my world gives way to blackness.


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  • Quille

    Hmm......... This is beautiful! Thank you for entering my contest :DDDD

    10 months ago