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Libraries Watching the World Burn

January 12, 2019

PROMPT: Library Magic

The libraries of the world have always been time-honored places. They are the guardians of our wisdom, the holders of our stories, and the keepers of our dreams. In times like this, where the last time I read good news was three weeks ago, and even my dog starts to doubt the safety of our times, I wonder if our libraries will laugh at us. 

The libraries of the world have seen the apparent downfall of humanity many times over. Our self-destruction would be nothing new to them. Our bombshells have been echoing around their halls for many years, so I doubt our oldest libraries would be sympathetic - after all, we razed the best of them to the ground. Our newer libraries will grow up with our youth and inherit their cynicism. Both of them are young enough to know that their creators are imperfect, and can rarely be trusted.

I just hope that the ones on the cusp of having a mid-life crisis will smile at us when they see their avid readers and the librarians that take care of their shelves. Perhaps they have lived long enough that they can forget their bitterness, but not long enough for their patience to erode. These are the libraries of my childhood, and I hope I will have the privilege of their sorrow when we inevitably destroy ourselves.


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