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Thank you for looking at my stories! It means so much to me! I'm not an amazing writer, thus it would mean so much to me if you read them over and gave me feedback.

From Abuse to a Farm

March 4, 2015

A bitter sweet sunrise to watch every morning. Baby birds high in the trees chipping, waiting for mom to return with food. Chickens running around and waking everyone within miles. Dogs herding the sheeps, making sure they don't get lost. Every animal is awake and ready to go.


Farming is a hard business. Gathering animals and making sure they're fed, well rested, and safe, is harder than you think.


Halfway through the day I take a break to take a nap. I work from sun up to sun down that my boss is nice enough to let me have a break every now and then. Jake, my brother, takes over for me in this small break, he's still learning his way around the farm. Kindly, I give my brother some help towards the end of my break. Letting him do my job isn't the best idea because he usually messes up and gets into trouble.


My brother and I ran away from home after years of arguments which would turn into beatings. Not leaving sooner is one of my biggest regrets. Opening the doors to leave my old house with my brother is something I will never forget. Passing our idiot neighbors as we literally ran away was such a high. Questioning constant if our mother would ever get better was another one of my regrets. Realizing that we had to leave and actually leaving was the best thing to ever happen to me.


Since we've gotten to this god forsaken farm, there hasn't  been anyone who might make us leave again. Trusting people is something I've had to learn since leaving. Ultimately, I believe we're safe here. Vagrancy is something I never pictured for my brother and I, but I think we're finally safe here.


While on the farm, I've learned many things, but the most important thing to learn about and to love is my brother. Xenophobia is something my brother has recently developed, the fear or hatred of strangers or.

You would never look at him and I and expect us to have gone through so much, but we have. Zealously, we survive, it's a struggle that we have to over come, but we do it.


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