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Calamity Jane Film Review

January 11, 2019

Calamity Jane
A 1950’s cinematic bombshell
The magic all lies in the title. The main character played by the definition of triple threat Doris Day is the epitome of destruction. Doris Day whom we have known to take on roles that are traditionally femme fatale embodies this groundbreaking woman.
The film itself was sort of biopic loosely based on the life of Martha Jane Canary, an infamous frontierswoman. Of course taking the musical element of the film out of this context.
Deadwood’s shero Calam journeys to Chicago to convince a famous singer into performing at her local theatre in Deadwood after promising her local buddies she could do so. Of course she is unsuccessful, but being her determined self she lures a clueless maid Kate Brown(Allyn Mclerie) with a dream to be a star to pose as this infamous star. She finally meets a man whose gun is bigger than hers, the local legend Wild Bill(Howard Keel.The loud, boysterous and boyish Calamity ironically captures the heart of an even more loud, boysterous and boyish Wild Bill. We are taken into a series of adventure by her more than flawed persona. From fighting Native americans, shooting, meeting Bill Hillock and ultimately falling head over cowboy boots in love with him. The classic tale is not only feminist friendly but also wildly entertaining.
I cannot review this film without bringing attention to the comic relief brought by writer James O'Hanlon and the actors. From the moments where Calamity is confused for a man to Doris Day’s perfect execution of a hillbilly accent . Everything is done with purpose.

Arguably, my opinion is slightly biased because l am a musical and classic movie fanatic. However, this film in particular is a must-see. If you are a feminist, Calamity Jane might be a female character to really feed your interest. It's the perfect sunday night film, you get a bit of American history, romance, comedy and vocal duels. I mean why pay to go to the West End when you can bring it to your home screen.


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  • rosemarywisdom

    Interesting points. Your cinematic perspective on this film was insightful and I enjoyed reading it!

    9 months ago
  • Quille

    Good job on this! Good luck in the contest also :DDD I'm not a feminist, but this is a well-done review :DDDDD

    9 months ago