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Hoi! I'm b-yootifuldreamer, call me BD for short! 10-20 // female // hopes to get published someday! Sorry I have no Idea how to respond to comments but know that I see them and read them and appreciate them!

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Here you get a brief glimpse of who Strawberry is. She's not very smart, not at all, but has a good heart and inner arguments. Many more to come, just a warning! Hope you liked this, expect a new chapter soon!

ℂhicken Wars ~ Chapter One

January 11, 2019


Let's start with this. The chicken? Or the egg?
Well, I am a chicken.
But I came from an egg.
So stop asking that stupid question!
I don’t know how it works!
I could lay eggs. I do. But I don't have chicks. So yes the chicken or the egg. I think chicken. The egg won't hatch without the chicken. But there would have to be 2 chickens.  So, arrrrgggghhhh, just, stop talking about this subject. Why did I spend so much time on this mystery? Shut up, self.
Anyway… I bet you wonder what the heck is the chicken wars. I will tell you. Ever since those giant farms were made that were filled with leghorns, we different ones are the number one target. <No offense to leghorns, some of you are nice> do you know that farm that is close to the Eggstore? I live in a house a couple miles away. I have 2 sisters. Well probably more than that, but my adopted sisters is who I am talking about. One sis is a barred rock. They are black and white. And my other sis is a americauna. She is brown and well, brown. And some tan. And black. Their names are Midnight and Chipmunk. And my name is Strawberry. Why? I think it's because I'm a chicken called a Rhode Island Red. But my type is supposed to be fat. I guess, though, that the war stole all the softness a normal life provided.


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  • Quille

    Oh! This is so beautiful :DDD I can't wait for more! XD

    9 months ago