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Tell me your opinions on this topic. What do you think about food dyes in our foods? Are they safe for us, or are they harmful enough that you think we should take them off the market?

Negative Effects of Food Dyes

January 11, 2019


    Have you ever wondered what food dyes do to your body? Food dyes should be taken out of all foods. All food dyes are made using various nasty ingredients. According to this article, “some dyes are created by burning coal tar and others are derived from petroleum byproducts,” which supports the reason that food dyes should be taken out of foods. Because food dyes are made from nasty ingredients, they can lead to many health problems. Dyes can all cause different tumors, these include brain, bladder, and thyroid tumors. Another article states, “Because of this widespread anecdotal evidence, the editors at Special Education Degree decided to do an investigative report on the negative effects of food dyes in human beings.” Most food dyes cause allergies and behavioral problems. You may ask what behavioral problems? Problems in behavior may include hyperactivity, shorter attention span, and symptoms of both ADD and ADHD in kids. According to Daily Burn, “some studies have shown that food dyes could lead to behavioral problems, such as reduced attention and increased hyperactivity,” which supports the reasoning that food dyes affect behavior in kids. Parents that allow their kids to have food dyes may say that they don’t see any symptoms of ADD or ADHD. Even though these parents don’t see anything in their kids right now, they may see symptoms later in the future. Because food dyes are not only made with awful ingredients but also affect your health, food dyes should be taken out of all foods in the U.S.

I wrote this last year in 6th grade based on a persuasive writing assignment given to me by my teacher. I had to try to persuade my readers to support me in what I believed. I believed that food dyes are bad for everyone's health, and I still do.


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  • Quille

    I agree with you! And if people really insist on coloring our food, there are lots of natural things out there that are beneficial to your body and can be used for color also.
    Dyes are bad in our foods. I wish there was a Mr. Yuk emoji :D

    over 1 year ago