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February 12, 2016


How are you feeling?
I feel as though my breath is limited
and a cold cruel hand is pummeling at my stomach
Tearing away at bloodied flesh
Plucking at tender heart strings
Playing a solemn tune before hacking away
with jagged fingernails

How are you feeling?
I feel as though my limbs are not my own
and heavy legs drag gracelessly
Across stubborn carpet
My splayed fingers clutching at my chest
Desperately digging at my bare skin
Icy cool against my clumsy touch

How are you feeling?
My head is swimming
Bubbling over with panic
Painful memories pouring downwards
Salted droplets carving ridges in my cheeks
Staining the strained smile from hours ago
Stranded in a wild terror

How are you feeling?
Like the sky could fall on me
Showering me with tattered rubble
and I wouldn’t say a word
Like someone could press a gun to my gut
Cold rifle butt tight against my navel
and I’d shift slightly closer
Like a crossing could turn red
With drivers shrieking at the tarmac
and I’d leap out gratefully
Like a hooded figure could lead me to a cliff edge
and I’d fly off gladly
I’d enjoy the wind in my hair
Like the world could end tomorrow
and for me
It would have come too late

How are you feeling?


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