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Random Pair Of Sneakers Found In My School's Trash Can

January 11, 2019


    A whole bunch of toes, ten to be exact, wedge themselves into my head. Very slowly, very carefully, as if not to damage my fragile being. But it still hurts. Hurts my head, resulting in a splitting headache, and a very full mind. Sometimes the toes wiggle. They gnaw at my insides causing me to laugh a hollow laugh, a pained laugh. A laugh of regret that I wasn’t able to stay in that lonely box, at that little store, for just one more day. But I loved the feeling. The feeling of finally being whole, a foot and a shoe. I cried when they left me. I grew fonder and fonder of feeling a wholeness that nothing else could give me but those size ten feet. Over time I dirtied with experience and love until I was a complete muddy mess with breaking soles, and a deteriorating lip. So, to the trash I went. They threw me away. The crushing darkness of lunch foods and crumpled papers was pressing me down until I felt I would never feel the wholeness again. The gentle warmth of the heel and the light touch of the toes on my fragile body. So I was left to die. I would never feel the completeness those husky feet gave me. I was left to decompose in a trashcan of lies and sadness. Wasn’t our first bond a that store enough. They said they would wear me forever. I thought that they would love me forever. They told me I was amazing. They missing puzzle piece in their outfit for the day. But they lied... They lied straight to my laces and how was I supposed to know the truth? They were the only thing I knew... My life... my passion... and now the crushing darkness will eat me whole and break me into miniscule pieces of rubber until I’m nothing... Nothing... Nothing... I’m broken....  


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