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One Fine Dream

January 10, 2019


“Hold on, here grab the rope!” Shout Hwasa throwing the rope down to the sea. The boat sway hither and thither as the storm makes big waves that looks like a dragon trying to eat up the boat. Delilah struggling to catch the rope, the waves heaves her away, the thunder is loud, but the lighting help her to see the rope. 
“Got it, lift me up!” she say, one or two times she gulps the water. 
“Everyone go …1…2…3….up…up…up” Hwasa and everyone in the boat try to lift Delilah. 
But then a huge wave comes and Delilah sinks to the deep sea. Delilah struggles to swim but she couldn’t make it, she feels limp all over her body. Vaguely she saw a blue whale. Delilah loves blue whale and she believes that the blue whale will help her. Then the blue whale come closer and closer, but she doesn’t want to be swallowed and spurted because she thinks that the whale mouth must be really gross because they never wash their mouth. So she grabs the tail and then it swims to the surface and lift her up. 
“Bwaah…haah….haah…” She is almost out of breath, and then she looks around but the ship is not there. Then the blue whale swim again and this time she hug the blue whale’s tail. Dimly she can see a light and when they approach the light, it turns out that the light is from another ship. It is not Delilah and Hwasa’s ship. The ship is bigger but the whale already lift it tails and place her on top of it. People startled to see Delilah on its tail, but one of them immediately wrap her in towels and bring her in.  
“Hey, are you all right? Here, drink the water.” Says a boy of her age, still grabs her with towels in his arms. Delilah still tries to catch her breath and try to figure out of what happen and where is she. She couldn’t see her surrounding clearly but she can recognise the boy’s face. Then she drinks the water and sits down,
“Thank you, I’m fine. I don’t know that you are pirates too, Joey!”
“Don’t call me that, I am Jack! Call me Captain Jack! I have beaten you and take over your ship.”
He says as he moves backwards and stands up gallantly but looked funny because he is only 10 years old. He wears cloth, shoes, hat, and everything that makes him looks like a real pirate, also he doesn’t forget to cover his right eye with a green thing because he loves green.
“Where is Hwasa? I don’t care about my ship, but where is Hwasa?”
“Hwasa is enjoying her meal in another room, let’s eat, I think you are craving for food too. I don’t want to play a bad pirate. I want to be a good pirate. Come, I have a lot of muffins...You like it right?"
She think if Hwasa is eating in the next room, then Joey must be really a good pirate and she need to worry about nothing. Moreover she is starving and she loves muffins, so there is no way for her to refuse it. 
"Yes I love muffins. You are really a good pirate Captain"
"That nice to say Delilah, come on this way!" He says grabbing her hand and pulls her to the next room.
Delilah eyes looking for Hwasa, and there in a room full of food, Hwasa is eating a whole roasted chicken. There are so many empty plate and leftover as Hwasa trace of eating the whole dish in the room. Her stomach never full and even craves more. She looks at Delilah and Jack at a glance and then continue her meal. She almost looks like a pig. Then Delilah refuses to eat and ask for changing cloth instead. But the little captain feels offended because of that,
"You think that I change her into a pig and you don't want to be like her. You are so mean, now I am mad. I hate you, and now you need to clean all of the plates and dishes that Hwasa used."
Delilah couldn't refuse his order and she don't know why. She keeps washing the plates and dishes for day and night. From the ship to the casteel, she is really worn out, but all people just keep giving her plates and dishes to wash.
Suddenly there is a great waddle and she feels that her eyes are so heavy. She feels so sleepy and slowly opens her eyes. The tiredness from washing uncountable dishes still lingers on her body.
"Wake up dear, it's time for school." Says mom, opens the curtains.
"Morning Mom, can I have some more minutes, I am so tired." She says, pulling the blanket to cover her face.
"What? Did you dream of running round the field because of coming late to school? Then wake up to prevent that from coming true."
Then she haste taking a bath and prepare for school, not because of afraid to be punished because of late but because she avoid to be scolded by her Mom. Delilah takes the school bus today, because of her father is out for work in another city for a month.
At school on the aisle to her class she meets Jack, her cousins. Jack is younger than her. Yesterday they was quarreling because of Jack snatch her muffin. He seems waiting for her.
"Morning Delilah"
"Morning Joey," She walk pass him, she still mad at him both because of muffin and the dishes in her dream.
"Delilah I'm sorry for yesterday, here I bring you muffin. I don't know that was made by your father. I just want to have fun."
"That wasn’t fun, but forgets it. I forgive you, but I just need time Joey. Can you get out of my way?"
"Aaa also I dream about you last night, I feel sorry too for what I did in my dream."
Delilah is curious but she won't make this easy for him. She will ask about that dream later. Now she walks to her class and she closes the door on his face. In the class there are few of her friends, looking at her for a while and she just walk straight to her desk. Hwasa sit beside her and ask what happen. Delilah doesn't feel in the mood to talk about it, she sighs and buries her face on the table with her arms. Some minutes later the class starts and Delilah still feel tired. At break time Hwasa ask her,
"What happen? Why you look so tired? Is this because of Jack? If so, I'll teach him a lesson right now" clenching her fist and make a move of punching the air.
"No, I'm okay. It just, I was dreaming about us being pirate thing and you became a pig and I was punished to wash your dishes because I don't want to be another pig"
"I am not being a pig, I just eating so much then I gain a little bit weight." They look at each other, startled, and burst into laugh. After that they go to a big tree near the basketball field. There they can say anything and no one will steal hear about it. Under the big shady tree Delilah start the discussion,
"I think you know what I think right now" say Delilah gazing to the boys who play basketball, Hwasa give a big sigh and say “Yes, I know exactly what you think right now, and also know that it sounds crazy, but we gotta believe it, that’s how things be true"
"I know that Hwasa, but don't you feel tired of being crazy, they will never believe us and they always say that we are psychic with our crazy imagination" Delilah doesn't believe on what she just said. She remembers when she was 6 years old; she loves to make story from the cloud and it come true in her dream. Then all her friend called her a braggart, leaving her alone. Back then no one believe her until she met Hwasa in junior high school. Delilah now seeing the boys stops and takes a break, it reminds her of Joey. She gotta call Joey to fill the puzzle then maybe it is all true. That people could meet in dream world.
"We need to proof this first, we need a witness. Let's talk to Joey."
 Then off they go to the class. After school they wait at the gate to meet Jack. One by one the student is going home, but there is no sign of Jack. As Hwasa and Delilah wait for around 1 hour, they grow weary. Then they decide to go home and meet on the evening. At her bed Delilah fall a sleep and has a strange dream. She dreams about her meeting with Hwasa on the evening. When she wakes up she forgets about her dream. But when she meet Hwasa, she feels strange. Delilah told Hwasa that she has a Deja Vu, well she forget about it and continue to talk about their dream last night.
 "I'm not really sure. I forget a lot of things, I just remember Jack come and give me a bunch of food" Hwasa lays on Delilah bed.
"Well I am really sure that I remember everything except the beginning. Out of nothing we were already on the sea, and I feel like it took for days during the dream. Everything happens rapidly, the day and night comes and go, the places change but I think I am the one who doesn't change. I feel like I know where and whats going to happen" Delilah says that while looking out through her window.
"Then let’s just sleep now and try, maybe we could figure it out!” says Hwasa, turning her body towards Delilah.
Delilah agrees and they try to sleep on that evening. They lie side by side on the bed and slowly fall asleep. Delilah already in a place where there are cats as big as cows and she could see Hwasa trying to catch one of them. Delilah calls Hwasa as loud as she can but Hwasa couldn’t hear it. Then she thinks to throw gravels to Hwasa, so that she would notice her.
The next minute Hwasa runs because there are storm of gravels coming to her. All the cats fly away and gone, Delilah think that it will be worse and worse and so it is. But then someone comes up and asks her to stop, stop think about what will happen, just stop and think only about the demand to stop. Then she do that, there the atmosphere change to calm. 
“Hi, why are you doing that?”
“Doing what, I am doing nothing” says Delilah talking to the boy.
“You are new then, you don’t know about a single thing of what was happen, right?”
“Of course no, but why can I speak to you but Hwasa doesn’t hear me at all”
“That because your heart and your brain hope differently, so it wouldn’t go as you wish in the brain but will go as you wish deep inside your heart” says the boys grabbing a star in his hand, Delilah just realize that its already night.
“So you know? How come you could have that star, I want it too.” Delilah eyes shining as she saw the bright star in front of her.
“In here we could have everything we want. Just try to make your heart and brain things the same way, don’t against or question each other”
She tries to do it, she try as hard as she can. The star that she get is different from him, it is smaller and not that bright. She then asks him of all the rules and everything. He says that they are now in the dream world. Here we can do anything we want, but not all people have the power to control their dream. 
The boy teaches her to control the dream world, but the very deep unconscious mind couldn’t be controlled and it would be the obstacle. Sometimes the dream goes against our wish because our unconscious minds. Delilah and the boy fly over the sea, mountain, and the sky to the moon. She tries to grab all the information, she is really excited. Then he says that everyone will have their own dream world but the other could be the part of it, because of their strength connection to each other. Usually if they are linked to each other because of the same wish or the same unconscious mind, they could be in one dream. Although there will only be one person who lead the dream, the other could give impact but only a little. 
“So, who lead who now?”
“I lead you, but under your acceptance. I think your unconscious mind really want to know about many things, that’s why it let me to do anything in your dream world now. You let me do this Delilah”
Their journey is still a long to go and they have gone over the space, now they sit in the meeting of the planets. The boy stay silent and look at the meeting, she follows him,
“We are made by thought of human, but don’t let the others know, it is really dangerous, some people would use this world as a laboratory to experiment. Don’t worries, all the things will happen depend on every heart, mind and knowledge” Said Jupiter
“I don’t want that, but what can we do? We just talk in here and people are sleeping and doing something outside there” say Pluto with it high pitch
“Listen, just believe and don’t tell others, it must be our secret, and you need to learn by yourself after this Delilah, because I will be banned from your dream world right now,”
All the planets slowly go far away and disappear; now she is alone in the middle of the ocean. The boy was the one controlling the planets and he vanished.
 Delilah then concentrate to focus to wake up, she wants to wake up now because she is tired after the long journey in the dream world. Later on when she wakes up, it was only 20 minutes. But she feels like she has sleep for weeks. Hwasa has gone, she left a letter saying that she couldn’t make it and she went home. Delilah now sitting doesn’t know of what was happen, all the information she got in her dream seems so real. At last she decides to keep all the things to herself. She never told anyone about her dream again and the journey never stops, it just that no one knows. 


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  • mryeast

    i think it is gr8 m8 :)

    over 1 year ago
  • Quille

    What do I think? I think this is totally awesome and I really want to see more of you writing on here :DD If you plan to continue this story, let me know because I'd love to read it :DD

    over 1 year ago