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Hi!!! This is the first thing I have ever published so just let me know what you think. If you have any constructive criticism I would love to hear it! Just don't be a troll about it!!! Thanks and I hope you like it!!!

The Foot-race

February 20, 2015

PROMPT: Walking


I saw her moving towards me with anger in her eyes. She moved faster. She walked leaning slightly to the left and it was kind of like a skip-hop, instead of something normal. I started to run, and she picked up the pace. This time she leaned foward and ran suprisingly quickly for an old hag, although she didn't look like she would keep it up for very long. She slowed and started to plod along like a sick puppy trying to catch up to it's owner. She started to lean to her left again, and then finally, she came to a halt.I kept going for a while and when she was out of sight, IĀ stopped too and realised how much my legs were aching. I had escaped her, but I knew that I wouldn't be safe for long. She would try again and come back harder, and the next time it wouldn't just be a foot-race...


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  • BrookeG23

    Nice writing!!!

    about 2 years ago