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Something for the Curious

January 10, 2019

PROMPT: Living People

 Marie wakes up to a cloudy, stormy day, just the type of weather that makes her exclaim with glee. The thought occurs to her that nothing strange happened through the night, she fears something is haunting her bed room, so she keeps a nightlight and makes sures everything is in place once she wakes up. She thinks this because one night she had terrible nightmare. Someone was chasing her through her house, they kept chanting her name, that she was a sacrifice, and when she made it to her room, a demon appeared and started to grab at her nightgown. Marie woke up when the demon touched her nightgown, it looked ratty and torn she got scared and kept the lights on.  How embarrassing, she thought, would it be if someone found out that she slept with a nightlight still, because of a nightmare? Not even her closest friend, Javier, knows about it, when they spend the night together they either fall asleep with the light on or she doesn't sleep at all.
    Javier is the person who helps her with everything, knows all her problems, and contributes in her fascination of collecting buttons. The search for buttons every saturday around five o´clock, because that is when people start to leave work and just maybe they have lost a button somewhere on their journey.
    For Marie´s birthday her family and Javier goes out to eat and then comes home, to eat cake and ice cream. Normally her birthday falls on a school day, which sucks for her but they make it work. She gets books for her birthday mostly, last one she finished was Throne of Glass. It is a spectacular book, a different world with kings and queens, monster and creatures, an amazing adventure. The worst habit she has is leaving her book everywhere she goes, and she does take her book everywhere. Her thought it, if you get bored are you going to look at a wall? Or if you’re trying to avoid someone prop a book up and act like you are to involved in it to even notice them. Speaking of habits, Maries best habit is making people’s day, she remembers when she was little that there was someone that was crying, she didn’t know who they were but she walked up to them anyways. She started talking to them and asked what was wrong when they told her she simply smiled and told them to look up. They said “Why would I want to look up?” She replied, “How long has it been since you’ve tried to see your forehead instead of your toes?” That made them roll with laughter and told her she was strange and then they had to leave, they thanked her for stopping to share her words and gave her an old watch you find on a waistcoat. A trinket to remember the first memory she could remember to define who she is.
    Now she has to go to school, first day back since the summer, very nerve wracking. Don’t know what to wear or if she’ll go to the right class, hopefully not make a fool of herself. That is something she does not want to happen. After making sure her clothes are on right, makeup fixed, and hair styled, Marie is ready for this wonderful, cloudy day.


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