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Kitty Cheshire

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There is nothing really worth knowing about me. I'm simply another face in the crowd, unless you know me. I don't like putting myself out there, it makes me uncomfortable and feel exposed. That's all you ever need know about me.

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Burden Of The Past - #Story

January 10, 2019


It was a while ago, but I still remember it well,
When everything I thought I was went to hell,

I was only in the fifth grade when it happened,
He was so mean, then my tears gleamed...

I cried that day in class, cried for the first time in public,
The look he gave me screamed you're insignificant...

And I believed it, through sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth...
Here I am tenth grade and I still believe it, but...
But I'm getting back up,
Ninth grade I forgave him, for he made me who I am today,
And I wouldn't want to be anyone else...

I still believe it because it's true,
I'm insignificant as an individual, but as a part of society...
I'm an important piece, a key player, the queen of a chess board,

For if I ever go still and stop working...
Everyone will have to find a replacement piece,
And no other piece will fit properly,

I forgave him and the words still sting, but...
I forgot what exactly he said to me,

A gift of a curse, I don't know,

I wish I could have the courage...
To tell him that...
That I don't see him as a monster,
But as my forger,
The person who made me stronger...

But this story of a crumbled ruin being repaired,
This story of everyday bravery,
These are the stories nobody sees...
I hope that this is better then I personally believe it is. :) Enjoy!


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  • SparklingEmbers

    Results are posted!! ~

    8 months ago
  • SparklingEmbers

    this is a great!! I love the words in the poem and how you shifted them around to fit like puzzle pieces, I can also really feel the emotion!! Good luck! ;)

    8 months ago