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Hi, I'm 16.
I love to hunt,
fish, hike,
ride bicycles, walk at night,
bake and eat baked goods,
read, and best of all write.
Female. Homeschooled. Christian.
I love horses, and LOTR.

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Joe Kent

January 10, 2019

PROMPT: Living People

  • What is something about your character that no one knows?
He can play the piano, his first name is really Jody, and a bunch of bad guys are after him for information he stole 
  • What is his/her favorite time of day?
  • Who is his/her closest confidant?
His new friend Kate, before that, no one
  • What is something s/he collects?
He doesn't collect anything
  • What was his/her last nightmare about?
He was walking on the road at night(as normal) when a car came speeding down the road towards him. Suddenly Kate was standing in front of him. She was smiling at him. He tried to tell her to move but she didn't hear him. He couldn't move, then it was too late. There was blood every where.  
  • What is the first thing he/she thinks about when she wakes up in the morning?
Hope it won't rain today.
  • What is something that fascinates him/her?
Piano music
  • What is something that embarasses him/her?
His real first name
  • How does he/she like to celebrate his/her birthday?
Pretend it didn't happen
  • What was the last book he/she read?
A sience book
  • What his/her favorite type of weather?
Hot dry summer
  • What is his/her best habit?
He smiles
  • Worst habit?
At times he shuts-up completely and is drawn it for no apparent reason.
  • What is his/her earliest memory?
A dying man coming to his house asking for help, and his parents turning him away. The man died in their driveway. 
  • What makes him/her nervous or anxious?
People asking questions
I don't have any of this story on here, but I'm hoping to someday.


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