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13 years old.
In love with books.
Ranger's Apprentice. 1
Dawn of Wonder. 2
Wings of Fire. 3
Warriors. 4
Percy Jackson. 5




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I have found that what I put here before was very deep.
Just wanted to say hi.
So hello.

And remember that whoever you are, however you look, in what way you think, what you drink, how you express yourself, how you write, what music you listen to, and even how long your fingernails are, the only real thing about you is what you decide to be.

2019; hello to life.

January 9, 2019

PROMPT: 2019

Recipe Title: No idea.
Recipe Time: Way to long.

Produces: More confusion, about a hundred batches.

Ingredient List:
Zest of recordings
Mix with a cup of musicĀ 
And writing- to taste

Slowly add candor- as much as on hand
but make sure to add fistfulls of sunshine and snowcapped mountains
then put a few drops of sorrow in, to remind you of the sound of sweeted love

Add smooth stones to skip along the water with a direct course towards entrancement
And slopes of drifting snow to freeze through the cold to make it warm.
and 1 dream to remind us of who we are.

And an infinite amount of misdirection and confusion with kitchen fires and burning food.

In essence, it's life.


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  • Dmoral13

    Thanks for entering my contest! Congrats on winning 3rd!! Please comment on my contest #1 winners what you want me to review!

    9 months ago