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Then the Sun Disappeared (COMPETITION NOTE AT THE END)

January 9, 2019


Then The Sun Disappeared
It was a light, a blinding light and it sent all the soldiers blind, all the soldiers on our enemy’s side. They groped around for a way to see as the sun dripped light over their bodies and washed out their shadows. Then the sun disappeared.
Then the Flames Evaporated
They say hope is a fire to keep us warm, it licks and kisses and reaches out to grab us. I never pull away, I know that hope is harmless, but in a time of need like this, it’s hard to come by, for years my firing hope burned strong, then in the time of war, it flickered. Then the flames evaporated
Then the Rain Poured Harder
In each second of this storm, I would be grateful, for we have still our home and our food and our family. I would be grateful and by heaven I am, I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to live just one more second longer. Then the rain poured harder.
It's Flash fic time!! These are three sentence flash fiction stories that are kind of depressing, but oh well, hope you enjoyed!! Also, note to everyone doing my competition(if you're not then you have something you need to be doing right now. GET OVER THERE ;))
Results will be posted on the 12th of January if I'm not busy, however, I am human and not on my computer 24/7 so I'm sorry if I cannot get the results in by the 12th. :) Have a great day!!


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