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Sweet Rose

February 12, 2016

    I have always been told I have a cold heart. No matter the day, happy or sad, I was always an outsider judging every person who walked by. I wasn't pleasant in talking to others. I was always blunt and never gave anyone the time of day. I had a dark soul, one that has never been touched truly by love. I was on outsider never trying to get inside. I was alone and I was without a single friend, until the day Rose touched my arm and said "Hello."
    I stood by my locker as I did everyday, and watched as students roamed the halls gossiping and laughing. I knew some of the gossip sessions were about me. I didn't care. I had no emotion towards it all. I was just being me and doing what I pleased. I didn't care that I was the target for people to stare at. All I wanted to do was be at school, do what I needed to do, and leave when the day was over. I never let myself be open to speaking to others or letting others speak to me. I always asked to work alone on any school project. I sat alone at lunch only accompanied by the trash can. I was never going to be a person of interest but I didn't care because this is who I am whether others liked it or not.
    It was fifth hour and there were five minutes before the bell were to ring. I was in a pleasant mood because I knew I was ready to eat some lunch. I was actually quite anxious because I wanted to be first in line. It was pizza day and I knew there was going to be a big rush of students to get in line. I don't like being stuck in the middle of anyone on these days because no doubt someone would try picking on me or would at least try to talk to me. I wasn't going to deal with any of it.
    The bell rang. I was in rush mode. I grabbed my things headed for the door and right when I was out in the hallway I put my legs into sprinting mode. I zipped through all the people, took a right at the corner, rushed down the stairs, and planted my feet right at the beginning of the line. I was a little out of breath but nothing to exasperating. I got my pizza and headed straight for my normal spot. I started to chow down every inch of my food when all of a sudden a tray was set down in front of me. The food that was in my mouth dropped out onto my plate as I looked up to see what human being was invading my space. 
    "Hello," said a gentle and heartwarming voice.
It was Rose Patterson and she just said "hello" to me! I didn't know what to do! No one from this school had talked to me since 7th grade. I was astonished. 
    I mumbled, "Umm-Um, hello."
    "Hi, may I sit here?" Rose said sweetly.
    "Um. Yeah sure."
I was in complete amazement. I actually was starting to feel an emotion start to spark inside me. I was scared! I had never felt this way before. What was I supposed to do? I just tried to stay calm. I sat there and ate my food and as I was eating Rose began to stir up a conversation with me. It was kind of great. I talked, I actually talked to her.
    The bell rang. I was upset. I didn't want to leave. Rose had just had a conversation with me, something I hadn't done for 4 years with a classmate. It felt so good inside. I couldn't bare the feeling! I said goodbye to Rose and headed off to the bathroom where I sat in a stall and cried until 6th period was over. I had just cried. I just cried happy tears because someone had just made me feel like an actual person. A person with real emotion. I couldn't believe it. I just wanted to go and say "Hi" to every person I saw because I was so happy. 
    Rose had changed me. Ever since the day she took the courage to come sit with me we have sat together ever since and our table has even collected some other people. I now have friends and talk to people, laugh with people, and gossip with people. I am no longer an outsider and alone. Rose, who is now my best friend, gave me a whole new meaning in life. She put me out there. She let people realize who I really was and she even helped me to realize who I really was. I was no longer told I had a cold heart but rather a warm and big one. I was now living a life on the inside. 


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