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#MWTWF Story: How on earth did I find this paradise??

By: Fernweh


I honestly have no idea how to start. 
How about with my name?

My profile name is HeadInTheClouds but my real name is Suhanee. In Hindi (India's official language), Suhanee means pleasant. It is an often used word in songs, poems and writings for describing the weather, a feeling or a person. 

I initially read Sudha Murthy, Ruskin Bond, Roald Dahl and Indian Folk Tales. By age of 11, my bestie introduced me to Harry Potter and I became hooked to it. I became a potterhead and looked forward to the library at my school. But managing my studies and reading became tiresome. As a result, I haven't read much and I am still trying to catch up. I began writing when I first wrote a poem for a school competition and came second. But at that time, I had no idea WtW existed. At the age of 14 (present age), I was angry with my mom for not allowing me on Instagram. She said to find such a social platform that improves you and others around you. She has some great ideologies. In a fit of rage, I surfed the internet wanting to prove my mum wrong. And lo! WtW came up as an encouraging social platform for young writers. 

I registered and published my best poem A Mother's Joy. In a week, I had 7 followers. I was thrilled. I know it is not much but for an introvert and an shy girl, believe me it was awesome. I got motivated and became so active here that Instagram doen't matter to me anymore.

I have received so much from this site. I have learnt not to be afraid in publishing anything. I have made some great friends who are always behind my back. They support me.They empower me. In their honor, I would like to say a few words to my 17 followers (I know it is nothing compared to the rest of you but again, it is a great achievement for me).

Quille: You are my sister from another mother. I don't know what would i have done if not for you. I love you, your writing, your thoughts and how you inspire people around you. Considering the fact that you are 17 and I am 14, you are like my big sister and honestly before knowing you age, I felt a strong connection to you. I am in awe of your writing: Time For A New Story #fire

Mary Wall: You were one of the first people to greet me on this site and I respect you for that. Thank you for commenting on my first ever published work. I recently read your writing: River on Fire ~ pt. one. I literally beg everyone to read it. It is an awesome beginning of an awesome novel.

rosemarywisdom: You are one heck of a writer. I love your Unspoken and I can't keep it down. Please keep writing. You are one of the kindest person I know.

Johanna: You such a sweet person. Your #fiveendings has made me realize that you have a fantastic way with words. You don't know how lucky I feel to have you as my friend. Thank you.

Z.Bunzigiye: I love how you have reacted to the LGBTQ issue by writing such a sweet and beautiful story about the wonderful relationship between two girls. Your thoughts are so pure and forward. read She'll Be Okay by my wonderful friend.

Gideon Di Luca: I love your quotes. Especially Her Quote [1], I feel I can relate to it. You have such a sensational thought process. You go girl!

Made4Love: You are the most loveliest person ever. I'm Sorry | Emotionless #SFOW11- This is a heartfelt poem to which I can totally relate. It isn't always that the poem has to be meant literally. I too feel sometimes worthless and no it is not because of my parents. It is my inner feeling. You know how to make people feel deep.

stripedfly1001: I love your work. Your competition was also one of the biggest reasons why I was motivated to be more active on this site. You give great reviews and I will try my best to improve my writing. Thank you so much.

star_girl: You are one of those who encouraged me to continue my novel beginning further. You are a true intellect and I really want you to write again. I am so thankful for having you.

engi_aek: More Extraordinary in The Ordinary is one of the best writings around here. You are a wonderful writer and you should keep on writing. All the very best!!

Ryder: Quille's sis is my sis!! Dragons #fire is an awesome poem and I am sure you will win. Thnak you for everything ever you have done for me. I love you to the moon and back!!

CuriosityKilledTheCat: You are an awesome and enthusiastic writer. I love you for your support. I hope you keep on writing awesome pieces . I am grateful for you as a friend.

Izzi ace-aro: You are one of a kind. You are so unique that I have no words to express you. I am indeed lucky to have you as a friend.

AbgailSauble: I love 2058. You are such a good writer. What you write, touches my heart and makes me yearn for more and more. I feel immensely pleased to have such a talented friend!

nevaredhp: I honestly love Subway Lullabies #streetkids. Please continue...I want to read more. You are too goo. The way you used the flashbacks to complete the story was awesome. Thank you for being my friend.

Juniper Sora: I want to see you more active on this site You have some great writings!!

palindrome: I loved your itty-bitty contest, even though I forgot to enter it....I followed it. I loved every minute of it. You are a great writer. All the very best!!! Thank you for supporting me!!

It is a wonder how I found so many souls here that matched with my own, how I found this heaven where I am free to give words to my thoughts, expressions to my feelings and encouragement to my friends for life. I am grateful for eternity.

LOVE Y'ALL!!!!! 


Message to Readers

Tribute To All My Dear Friends And Followers. Y'ALL ROCK!!

Peer Review

Hey Suhanee! Amazingly written. You have truly shown your skills in this article. It is so simple yet so moving. Simply beautiful.

I think the article is perfect the way it is written because the way it is composed gives me a feeling that it has been written straight from the heart. So, I think it is perfect just the way it is.

Reviewer Comments

I am just getting started with this website thanks to you. Thankyou so much for suggesting.