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As Cold as Stone (Chapter 9)

January 9, 2019


    We're getting along better. I feel like this family is healing. I just wish Amy would come back. I write to her, every now and then, and leave the message peeking out from the window she last watched us through. It is gone every time. She never replies. But it feels good to know that she is still listening to me. I told her all about Mom, what happened to her. I don't think she listens. It feels like this dark force is about to take away what I've managed to build. But one day, I find a letter from Amy, a scrap forced through the window.

How can I kill Mom now? How can I make her pay, knowing that you have come to love her? I am happy that she is treating you well, I truly am. But I cannot come back. Sure, she might accept me. But I am not you. I cannot let everything go. So I won't hurt you. I won't hurt Mom. I will not be there, though. Goodbye, brother.

                                                                        Your sister,

I can't believe that she's never going to come back. That she won't be there. That she can't be my family, though she called me brother, and signed the paper sister. And that is when I realise how different this message is from her last. She had cut herself off, but here, it's like she's back. I pull the paper close to my chest, and cry, glad that Amy and Mom are my family.

Little did I know that everything on that little sheet was a little white lie.

Amy's POV

I smirk as I watch my brother clutch my words on his hands. He thinks they're real. He thinks I meant them. Oh, my poor, poor brother. He's that naïve. Too bad for him, I guess.
So I ended this chapter on Amy's point of view. I was thinking about doing something like this for the last few chapters, but I won't if you guys don't like it so please let me know! And yes, I have officially decided that Amy will be evil.


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1 Comment
  • Quille

    lskfdja;lfjslhafleo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #$@%#@!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite character is officially evil??????????? Ugh!
    Oh well, I like her even better as a villain ;DDD Keep it going how you want to, you're the writer. Don't write to please the readers; write to please yourself.
    I don't think I could not like this however you decide to turn it! It's really good :D
    This, like the other chapters, was extremely well done and I really love to read this story :)
    I can't wait for more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    11 months ago