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When the Bite Marks in Your Tongue Start to Sting

February 11, 2016


It was more than sinking, all of the love and blood in her heart had stopped pumping and was sitting on it. Pulling it down like an anchor into her down to her stomach, crashing her lungs and restricting her chest, but this wasn’t the kind you wanted to be drawn to, this wasn’t the kind that was filled with gold. Her lips collapsed upon one another and she mindlessly strung up the ends. Her eyebrows released from their tense state and softened the blow of her wallowing eyes. She caught butterflies in her stomach, and with them the air they thrived upon. She choked on the refill but only muttered a stutter of the gasp.
“What’s the big deal? It’s true, anyway.”
“Yeah, right.” She flipped the agreement over in her mouth regretting every toss. “I know I am, it’s just been a hard, weird day is all.” All her body was programmed to do was apologize, but she restrained herself. The rest of her words had passively acknowledged she was wrong, and for that, she resented them. But more so, she resented herself more and more with every smile she conceded.


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