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to myself.

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america -- sestina poem

January 10, 2019



He holds in hand fire,
Traces the oncoming flood.
Each touch to me another drug.
Those are the silent men,
Chewing the tobacco leaf.
I have found my defeat, in the sea.

Dolphins lay dead, in the sea.
Would you believe the heat of this fire?
My desire is wilting, autumn leaf.
Noah’s deceit, in the flood.
And the quiet men,
They take their drug.

Licking the sighs, his drug,
Bitter to sweet, my sea;
Do you trust silent men?
Overcoats of fur, tiger-fire?
They will come in a flood,
When winter has eaten the last leaf.

Yew bark, yew leaf,
When smoked, becomes a drug.
My glaciers caught the flood.
Last of the ships to haunt the sea,
No more lighthouse fire.
What to do with quiet men?

Among silent men,
Holding the page, paper leaf.
Their curtained fire,
Saturniid’s favoured drug.
Will you hide the dream in the sea?
Let it be hidden by the flood?

River breaks; starts to flood,
Takes the voices of quiet men.
Together we drown in the sea,
Feelings fragile as the leaf.
Will I ever find another drug?
There is flame, and then there is fire.

I have so much to be found,
And we have too much time.
Let the sky be our shroud,
Let the dark reign for now.


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