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my brain goes a mile a minute, so does this poem

Racing Thoughts

January 8, 2019


It's like my thoughts are in a race but they've lost the finish line.
The only identity they have is that in which is also known as mine.
They speed down this runway to claim their prize.
The prize to be spoken by a voice known as mine.
A voice known as mine, and yet still not yours.
A thought in my brain, not a thought that is pure.
But for the times in which I am able to squeeze my thought through one door,
my thoughts finally become mine, still not yet mine for sure.
I'll take a deep breath, not to calm not to rest.
I'll take in more air, and then the best part comes next.
The thoughts in which I squeeze through that one tiny door,
no longer are mine, not yet mine, but still yours.
They race and they speed and they run traffic lights.
Make me anxious all day, keep me mourning at night.
Intoxicate my memories making it impossible for them to leave,
which is why others came to attempt to reclaim my name.
Try to reclaim in a belief, I believe.
I believe in the will to leave, an ideal that I can choose when to be
yes, an impure thought, not my best, that's for sure,
but I'm certain the race will continue on for much more.


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  • 16missing

    WOW! You know your poems could be amazing especially at the pace they go. I love it!

    over 1 year ago