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Help's Never a Beat Away #Cliffhangerqueencontest

January 8, 2019


Whirr, whirr, whirr. The air around me seemed to come alive with what sounded like the buzz of a million bees trying to break in. Yet even the aggressive call of the propeller couldn't drown out the noise of my heart about to beat right out of confinement. It was my first assignment after the incident."You'll be fine," I had told myself. "Nothing to worry about." Yet my clammy hands and sudden shortness of breath seemed to say otherwise. I gripped the wheel with all my strength, knuckles turning a ghostly shade, but it was the only thing I could do to ground myself. My partner gave me a sideways glance. This was going to be some ride.

Shades of aqua and emerald intertwined underneath us to form an endless forest of undulating currents. It seemed deathly calm - almost too calm, with barely a wave disturbing the serenity.
    The intercom suddenly crackled to life," Chopper One, come in."
    "Chopper One, here sir," replied a confident voice that couldn't have been my own.
    "400 metres to your left, standby."
    "Noted, sir. Over and out."
It was time.

My knuckles seemed to turn blue as I gripped the wheel harder - if that was even possible. My partner put a hand on my shoulder, maybe intended as a comforting gesture, but it did nothing but bring more butterflies into my stomach. In the distance, I could see two minuscule figures, a harsh contrast against the uniformity of the water. They seemed to notice us as we neared them, arms and legs flailing in the water like headless chickens, no time left for patience. They were like ants in a cornfield, overpowered in too many ways. Our service was obviously needed. 
    "Now," urged my partner.

So I accelerated until we were directly above the figures. And then I continued far, far away into the horizon.
This is written for Quille's Cliffhanger Queen Contest. Go check it out! : D


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  • Quille

    Thank you so much for entering! :DD Awesome piece!

    10 months ago