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i may not be the best, but i try my best.

sometimes beauty is not conventional. sometimes the ugliest things will become the most beautiful.

Holocaust Narrative

February 11, 2016


The beginning was simple. 
With sales and repair
Running through my father's fingers.
The magic of my mother's books
Brought a sort of flair
Into my life. 

The beginning was simple.
But more often
I saw the uniformed soldiers
Of the new Fuhrer.
They would attack
Every breathing human
That caught attention. 

The beginning was simple. 
But soon education would disturb
And before I knew it, 
I was dragged
Into the darkest hole.
The hole seemed to absorb
Every chance of hope. 

The beginning was simple. 
But when I left prison
A thousand days later
I found my mother's
Dead eyes
And my brother's
Concentration camp.  


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