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February 11, 2016

October 5, 2013, (Past)
Oh god. What does she want now? I drag myself out of bed and walk down the stairs.
"Your friends are here," she says with a smile.
I stand there looking like a lump on a log while Jack is watching in the doorway. He smiles at me; I smile back. Jack had been my best friend since 6th or 7th grade. We originally thought we were cousins. It turned out that was untrue, tragically that didn't stop us from telling everyone we were related. I turn around and watch my mom walk back into the kitchen, and I hear her whistling. I wave to Jack.
"Let's go upstairs."  
I hate the crickety creek of my steps.We arrive at my room after what had seemed to be the longest walk up the stairs ever.
"I wasn't expecting you to come over. I haven't seen you in like 4 months," I started.
"I know, life has been rough on me lately."
"It might help if you came to school and stopped partying every weekend."
This is the moment I was waiting for him to get offended, but to my surprise me just laid his head on my shoulder. I've always told Jack that I would be there for him if he ever needed me, but lately he's had other friends to hang out with and do that for him.
"So how have you and Daniel been?"

October 8, 2013, (Past)
I ran up to Jack in the hallway.
"You won't guess who just messaged me!"
"Are you happy about that?"
"I've liked him since the 8th grade! Of course!"
Jack gives me one of his half smiles. I've always trusted Jack with stuff like this, I never had any female friends and Jack was the only one who stuck around, so I treated him like I dreamed of treating my girl friends. I know he didn't always like hearing my boy problems, how long it takes my hair to grow, or why I hated Ms. Isnik, but he always knew what to say back.
"I'm coming over today after school.”
"Sounds good to me."
We sit down at our desks. Jack tells me about how he got this girls 'nudes' over the weekend and he tries to show them to me.
"Dude gross I don't need to see that!"
We both laugh. Ms. Isnik starts up her lesson and we both settle down. Out of the corner of my eye I see his hand sliding me a note.
"Can you see her nipples just as much as I can see her nipples?" I smile.

June 23rd, 2016, (Present)
I've been with Daniel for over a year now. I think that's one of the reasons I've grown away from Jack, but I feel that he understands.
"We're good, we've been fighting over stupid crap but it's nothing major." then he goes on to tell me about how his ex girlfriend. He tells me about how Talia messaged him again,I roll my eyes..
"Seriously? What have I told you about her? She's a homie hopper."
"I can't help it Ariel! She's the love of my life."
"No, you don't love her, you lust her. Nasty."
He gives me a rude look, oh how I love his rude looks. Because of course, he knows I'm right. I hear my phone ding. I pick it up, (Message from: Daniel- Hey beautiful. I just got out of practice, on my way over.) I glance at Jack, he gives me a weird look back.
"Daniel is on his way over."
"Got it, hey I'll see you another day alright."
"You can stay."
"It's fine, give me a hug." I do. for some reason Jack always smells like weed, but he claims he doesn't even smoke it that much. He must think I'm an idiot.
"Message me later," I say to Jack.
"You got it.."
I spent the rest of the night with Daniel, going over homework and watching 'Bones'. It's been 3 days now, still no message from Jack.

October 13, 2013, (Past)
I roll down the window to my car..
"What's cookin good lookin." Jack turns around and smiles.
"I'm not looking at you, I'm lookin at your friend over there."
"You're fried!" another dirty look.
For some reason Jack has always been the kind of person that all the girls like. He thinks that makes him better than other guys at my school, but honestly who wants a bunch of dirty girls following you around all day? I groan thinking about this.
"Get in the car idiot."
We get halfway down the road and I get a phone call. I don't believe in texting and driving so I have Jack answer it.
“Your phone case is ugly” eye roll.
"Hey sista, I'm on my lunch break right now and I seen that gas was only 1.78 over by BP, better fill up."
"Thanks Kellie, I will.. love ya."
I hear the phone beep. I never knew that was the last time I would have ever talked to my sister.

June 29, 2016, (Present)
It's been almost a year and I've talked to Jack 3 or 4 times. I guess time always tells. In some ways I'm glad I'm not close with Jack. I hear about all the crap he's been doing and even though I wouldn't take an offer, it's always better safe than sorry. I've had Daniel around lately to keep me from falling apart, and I'm grateful for that. He’s not only my boyfriend, but my best friend now. I get into a deep thought.
"You okay?" My therapist asks me.
"Yeah, just dazed."
“Let's talk about your day."
So I do, telling her about how I got all A's on my tests, and about how I got compliments on my new shirt, and how I went to Kellie’s grave. I usually stay at therapy for about an hour, then I go to the park and read. But this time as I was leaving I got a phone call.
"Hey mom."
"Honey, it's all over the news, Jack has been in a tragic accident."



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