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If it's stoping , try to restart it

February 11, 2016

Everybody lies , even in their last day , because if they knew it is the last day of all them , they will say that "it is ok , i'm not scared" but if they have the chance to survive , in one moment they will take that chance because they lied , they are totally scared .
People , in general , they are afraid to do things because of society , but if you tell them that they have one day to live , they will start conquer the world, they will try to do everyting that is possible to do in one day and in the end of the day ,  they will start to regret . 
There are things that doesn't cost anything but in the same time they cost everyting.A hug , a kiss , one sunrise shine ,a song , a statement, a handshake, a goodbye. So rarely , we think about it , and on the last day we will be realising that we  kissed too infrequently , or hugged or stood under rain . Then we will want to give millions on a goodbye and a life for a true love . Why then? Because : "Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different result, make a different choice" - Unknown Author
It takes  21 days to make or break a habbit , but it takes one second to die and lose everyting.For me , every day is my last day. Why? Because you can't predict the future , you don't know what will be reserving the next week , even the next day.I try to do everyting i want because on my last day , i don't want to regret and start a new life for one day . 


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