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@WOTW#6 Haiku for the Season

By: AJ - Izzy


Snow drifts through the air
Whirls of leaves stumble downward
A blessing indeed

Message to Readers

Hehe, my first haiku... I feel like Apollo

Peer Review

You wonderfully executed the dynamics of a haiku, using the 5,7,5 pattern of syllables. The simple use of each word gives it power and allows the imagination to picture how each thing you describe correlates.

What lead you to you're word choice? Why were you so focused on air? First you mentioned snow drifting and then the whirling of leaves, what leads you to focusing on the air? Why don't you look at other features of nature? Is there any symbols in this piece? Or it the work of accepting and loving simplicity? Some times the notes and/or words of an author after their piece of work is as important as the piece of work. Therefore, here are some questions you can add or just answer. Either way we shall look at both when choosing who we nominate. Why do you believe this as a blessing? You're describing 2 seasons, however, are they the seasons you are currently experiencing? Or just experienced? Why did you choose this over, what you just see outside?

Reviewer Comments

We love thoroughly looking through people's work, and taking it piece by piece. It allows an understanding when you look at the details first and then the whole piece. Every writer writes something for a reason, and we try to discover yours through these reviews.
Lastly, congratulations on being nominated for our January Must Reads by Christy Wisdom.